ALTERNERGY Project at the 9th International Conference of the OECD

During the 9th Conference of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) on rural development policies, the Emilia Romagna Region had the opportunity to exhibit his best practices on an integrated approach to regional economic development in the field of territorial cooperation, presenting the results and expertise of the Alterenergy project on the issue of energy sustainability through an integrated approach for the efficient use of energy and its production from renewable sources.

The event, entitled "Rural-Urban Partnerships: an integrated approach to economic development”, was held in Bologna, from 23th to 25th October 2013. It was organized in collaboration with the European Commission and with the patronage of the Italian Ministry for Development and Economic Cohesion and the Region Emilia-Romagna Region.

The event brought together leading experts in the world of public policy, the private sector and academic institutions in order to stimulate dialogue, identify strategies and consider new policy options, within the policies of regional and rural development, they can maximize the potential of rural – urban partnership.

About 240 participants from member countries and non-OECD members participated in the Conference. Much space was devoted to open discussion both during the sessions of the Conference and during informal events, providing an opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and networks to promote the knowledge of all the OECD area of the arguments of discussion.