“OdisseAlternativa”, two ALTERENERGY workshops in Molfetta

The Puglia Region - Mediterranean Department, Lead Partner of the Strategic Project “AlterEnergy”, has entrusted the implementation of theatrical activity to the care of “Teatro Pubblico Pugliese”. In such a way is created "OdisseAlternativa", a didactic performance route, presented by “Il carro dei comici”, a theatre company of Molfetta (shortlisted by public notice).

Its aim is to take significant notice of the alternative energy topic and environmental re-cycling in order to make elder and young generations solicitous about the energy consumption as well as about the re-cycling impact of organic wastes, materials and outgoing daily-used products.

Excellent playground for narration is the youth theatre, arranged as laboratory or experimental exercises. Thus, at the headquarters of “Teatro del carro” (via Giovene, 23) in Molfetta, from 9th to 15th December 2013, two workshops will be held. The first workshop is addressed to actors from different Italian or foreign regions (as Veneto and Molise or as Slovenia and Albania). The second one is for children from primary and secondary schools, located in the area.

"OdisseAlternativa" anchors on the advices of the director and actor Francesco  Tammacco together with the actors Rosa Tarantino, Pantaleo Annese and Matteo Altomare and with the organizing ability of Giovanna De Biase.

In Molfetta, from 9th to 15th December (between 9:00 to 13:00 and between 15:00 to 18:00), at Teatro del Carro will be held the first laboratory for knowledge transfer from the Puglia Region to the other partners of the project. The aim is to apply best playful and creative practices for those schools who wish to implement the production and consumption of alternative energy into project activities.

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