ALTERENERGY Project, workshop of skills transfer “OdisseAlternativa”

 As part of ALTERENERGY project, funded by IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, the Puglia Region – Mediterranean Department (Lead Beneficiary) has entrusted to Consortium Teatro Pubblico Pugliese to project and to implement the promotion of cultural and theatrical activities in favor of the alternative energy spread. At the start was the theatrical workshop for students from primary and secondary schools.

The agenda activities were concluded with a final proof open to the audience.The theatre company "Il Carro dei Comici" from Molfetta (Ba), according to an open public call, has been appointed to carry out the workshop. The project has also included the skill transfer to conduct the workshop  in favor of a group of actors from partner regions and countries of the ALTERENERGY project. The action was held from 9 to 15 December 2013 at the Teatro del Carro in Molfetta with the participation of 8 actors selected by the ALTERENERGY project partners from: Veneto (Francesco Loreggian and Erika Franceschi), Molise (Marco Caldoro and Massimiliano Vitolo), Slovenia (Samanta Kobal and Gregor Gèc) and Albania (Brunilda Belaj and Klodjana Keco).

During the whole weekly activity, the theatre company has proposed to the participants all required techniques for the realization in their countries of origin of one educational and theatrical workshop, dedicated to raising awareness of alternative energy and re-cycling. The final aim was to encourage the youth and their communities of living, to put higher attention to the energy consumption and use, as well as to the re-cycling of organic materials and daily used objects.

The workshop was directed by the actor and director Francesco Tammacco, who is also an educational and theatrical expert, in collaboration with the actress Rosa Tarantino, the puppeteer and musician Pantaleo Annese, the set designer Matteo Altomare. The organization was managed by Giovanna de Biase. The engineer Francesco Mele has collaborated for the tool kit design delivered to all guest actors.

The real Odyssey hero became just the denied which returned into life in the role of Deus ex -machina for the protection of Mother Nature. Particular attention by the participating guest actors has been paid to the interaction between the direction and the realization of the spectacle with three-stage machines operating in alternative energy: the Island of Calypso (consisting of 3 whirling palms animated by a small motor and by a solar panel with a size of 18x24 cm (photovoltaic animation), the mainmast of the Odysseus raft (composed from umbrella axis and 3 blades made of plastic bottles) and one light bulb. So, all that produce light through the wave motion impressed by the actors (wind energy exploitation) and the head of Polyphemus (consisting of a bucket with a light bulb that lights up through imprinted by a dynamo movement, placed laterally in the bucket (manual charging animation).

All materials used during the workshop have been recovered from waste and daily unusable items: the attention was focused on the creative reuse of these abandoned objects with the idea to center on the use of alternative energy. At the same time, the training was mainly organized to give to the actors the basic knowledge and creative suggestions for the creation of a children's spectacle with puppet and comedy playing techniques.


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