ALTERENERGY: operational meetings with selected communities in Istria County

Two operational meetings were held in Istria County in November 2013, one in Novigrad and the other in Buzet. The main purpose of the meetings were to start a dialogue with the selected communities, to acquaint them with the Alterenergy project, to discuss and plan future activities and to scope the possible locations for the seminars and workshops that will be held.

The first meeting was held on 15th November between the financial and communication project managers Ivanka Lamot and Aleksandar Major, and Vanja Gorički, the operational representative of the city of Novigrad which is one of the communities that was selected for the implementation of Alterenergy activities in Istria County. An agreement has been concluded on the tasks the city of Novigrad will have to fulfill so the implementation of Alterenergy activities can proceed without further delay. The City of Novigrad showed enthusiasm and readiness to take on the given assignments.

The second operational meeting between the selected small community in Buzet (20/11/2013) and the Region of Istria Alterenergy team was held with the operational representative from Buzet, Vedrana Gregorović. The city showed considerable energy awareness in the last couple of years and through the Alterenergy project they are hoping to rise that level even further, especially for their citizens and SMEs. Both parties agreed on an active partnership to facilitate the implementation of the project.