ALTERENERGY, 5° Project Management Board and Steering Committee meeting in Udine

 On February 4-5th 2014, at the “Casa della Contadinanza” in Udine, the Energy division of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, partner of the Strategic Project ALTERENERGY, will be hosting the 5° “Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting”, a key event for the development of energy planning in small Adriatic municipalities and new opportunities for business and economic development, too.

The Strategic project will adopt an international viewpoint to promote energy sustainability in small Adriatic municipalities, through an integrated approach to the efficient use of energy and production from renewable sources. The main goal of ALTERENERGY is to develop  models which can be implemented in some of the partnership regions on the sustainable management of energy resources, optimizing the ability of each of them (and all of them in a “network”) to plan and implement integrated initiatives regarding energy saving and energy generation from renewable sources. The initiatives will be developed involving public authorities responsible for energy policies, as well as local economic actors, in order to offer the latter an opportunity to internationalize their business affairs in the energy industry.

These subjects  will be discussed in the event held by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. During the meeting, the representatives of the countries concerned will be able to share their experience and the results of actions that have already implemented, as well as planning of the next activities.

ALTERENERGY is a strategic project involving all the Italian Adriatic regions from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Puglia Region (Lead partner). The following seven Adriatic countries will also be participating in the project: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.