Veneto: two meetings on renewable energy and energy saving models

Veneto Agricoltura, ALTERENERGY project partner, will organize in Polverara at the “Casa delle Associazioni” (Volparo street, n°2), two meetings with the involvement of local administrators from all municipalities of the Saccisica areas. The events will be held at 7.30 pm, on Thursday 13th and 20th of March 2014, with the support of technicians from “Divisone Energia company” and “ANCI Veneto”.

During the first day (13th of March), the main points of discussion will be not only the models to finance renewable energies but also the ways of “white certificates” functioning, the opportunities from “Conto Termico”, the regional funding available in Veneto.

During the second day (20th March), the meeting will address the issue of the energy audit and the available tools for energy planning of public lighting, with a study session on practical implementation of initiatives for energy saving.

After a selection process, the Municipality of Polverara (PD) has been chosen as Target Community on which project activities will be implemented in Veneto Region. Polverara is an emblematic and representative case of the settlement system in which it is possible to test pilot activities for the definition of energy savings initiatives and sustainable use of energy sources, as foreseen by the Europe 2020 target.