1st Alterenergy workshop in Celenza sul Trigno: project objectives and activities definition.

Abruzzo Region will start on April the 4th the “Capacity building for target communities” in the  target community of Celenza sul Trigno (CH). The objective is to supply local administrator, citizens and local businesses with assistance in developing skills and competencies in the energy sustainability field.

This first workshop includes activities for territorial awareness raising, information and training specifically addressed to administrators, local associations and other local stakeholders, identified for the development of the activities foreseen by the European project Alterenergy at local level.

The above mentioned activities will take place at the Council Hall of Celenza sul Trigno Municipality at 18.00.



Ing. Antonietta Costantini

Tel. 3473625077



Celenza sul Trigno Municipality

  • Antenucci Antonio - Municipal Councillor for Renewable Energy, Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development
  • Head of Technical Service - Ing. Antonietta Costantini
  • Head of Accounting Service  - Geom. Giuseppe Felice


External Expertise for WP4 activities (T.4.2-4.3-4.4-4.5)

  • Ing. Gerardo Papa
  • Ing. Claudio Cordisco

Studio Associato di Ingegneria “Studio Area”



  • Delegate


Protezione Civile Valtrigno

  • Delegate


Azienda Agricola Palermo Lorella

  • Delegate



  • Delegate


Istituto Comprensivo Scolastico di Carunchio

  • Delegate


Associazione WWF, Zona Frentana e Costa Teatina onlus

  • Delegate