Energy efficiency workshop

In Bale, In the Centre for EU and International Cooperation a workshop on the topic of energy efficiency and renewable energy has been organised by the Region of Istria, Department for international cooperation and European affairs.

The workshops were designed for the public sector with the goal to prepare the public sector employees for better utilization of existing funds and to improve their readiness for future funding programs, as well for the efficient distribution of information.

The workshops were launched by Mr. Oriano Otočan, Head of the Department for International Cooperation and European Affairs responsible for the implementation of this strategic project. He has also announced two more workshop sets that will be held in Novigrad and Buzet on the same topic aimed this time at the general public and local stakeholders concerning investment opportunities and economic development in the sector of sustainable energy.
The President of the Region of Istria has welcomed the participants and has mentioned that the Region of Istria wants to be the leader of energy independence in Croatia, and its goal is to become a CO2 neutral energy before 2030.

The Director of the Istrian Regional Energy Agency IRENA,  mr. Valter Poropat, has presented to the participants the energy state of the Region of Istria, and has stressed the importance and effects of energy efficiency in all sectors of the economy. As a prerequisite for the realization of projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency he has pointed out the importance of raising the awareness among citizens about energy issues and independence.

The workshops have lasted two days and have focused on funding opportunities and the preparation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for the public sector, but also to strengthen the role of local governments as intermediaries for investments of citizens and for the private sector in sustainable energy.