ALTERENERGY, the International Adriatic Convention in Albania

The Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry, in cooperation with the Mediterranean Department of Puglia Region and the technical assistance of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bari and Puglia Region – Internationalization Department, is now going to hold the International Adriatic Convention in Albania (24th-25th November 2014 – Tirana International Hotel) within the Strategic Project ALTERENERGY.

This meeting is meant as a crucial one for supporting the internationalization process of the Adriatic production systems and the actual trade in the RES and RUE sector. The ambition is to set up "Adriatic energy clusters", thus fostering a good return in terms of economy and employment. The objectives are: to enforce the local systems (regional stakeholder such as the intermediary organizations) institutionally providing technical assistance to regional/national SMEs for supporting their internationalization processes; to share the results carried out by each partner, to define an ALTERENERGY Vision of the internationalization process in Adriatic area for the RES/RUE sector and to create  the networking among regional stakeholder in the Adriatic area.

Mr Alfred Bundo, Director of Projects and Integration – Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry, and Mr Bernardo Notarangelo, Director of Mediterranean Department of Puglia Region – ITALY, will open up the Convention that is divided into different sections: two morning plenary sessions, where the ALTERENERGY partnership will present the Strategic Project, Business and Investment support activities and RES/RUE reference context at Partner Country Level (Italy, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia).

During the second day, in particular, the focus will be both on the criticalities of the Adriatic Energy market at EU/not EU level, and on the good internationalization practices of Adriatic SMEs. A wrap up session and general vision of Alterenergy Project for the Internationalization process of RES/RUE SMEs in the Adriatic area is foreseen, too. The crucial moment of the tow days will be the afternoon sessions when a series of bilateral meetings between intermediary organizations will  be held. Aim: to support the economic system of the RES and RUE sectors in the Adriatic partner areas.