ALTERENERGY: VII Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Rovinj - Croatia

Seven partnership meetings were already held within the ALTERENERGY Strategic Project, aimed to provide all partners with the procedural tools for the correct project start up and implementation: administrative and financial management, periodical project reporting, project main contents, communication obligations at EU level. The last Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting held in Rovinj - Istria Region on 16-17th December.

ALTERENERGY project, its development, expected deliverables/outputs and its capitalization potential and Adriatic impact on small communities: the partnership meeting in Croatia has been another important step for sharing content and experiences gained and pointing out the spending targets and results or problems met by the partners so far, and jointly agree and plan future activities.

ALTERENERGY Strategic Project was approved for funding in April 2011, during the CBC IPA Adriatic JMC meeting held in Venice. The operational start up of it was fixed in September 2011.
Following those meetings, WP1 – Project  Management, WP2 - Communication and Information and WP3 - Integrated Energy Management Models, WP4- Sustainable Energy Action Plans, WP6 – Pilot project & Demonstrative actions, and WP5 – Business and Investment support, have been set up/implemented, and all partners have worked for setting up management and technical teams and internal administrative procedures.

Under the guidance of the LB Puglia Region – Mediterranean Department and their regional Agency ARTI, the on ongoing results regard:
• WP2 is ongoing: 119 events organized with total 11.229 participants and 29 participation to other international events; Edited 86 press releases and 527 articles.
• WP3 has been finalized and final deliverables are available in the public project website.
• WP4-WP6 guidelines have been finalized by ARTI Puglia and all tasks are in progress at local level. Till now the principal results regard: 60 Communities already selected; 39 Agreements already signed, 14 capacity building reports, 21 Assessment studies, 23 SEAP and 43 feasibility studies already completed. The public procedures for investments are in progress at local level
• WP5 guidelines have been finalized by LB in order to implement the activities foreseen in a strategic way, amplifying the business results in the Adriatic Area in the period 2014-2015. The planned  activities are ongoing at local level. The International Adriatic Convention has been organized on the 24-25 November 2014

According to the approved Application Form, and the set of performance indicators here foreseen, the project Steering Committee and the Project management Board have to meet twice a year (about every 6 months) for reporting on the state of the art and fix the project key implementation targets for the next future. Thanks to the previous meetings, a greater detail of project tasks, activities and results has been provided, with reference to all WPs. This details helped partners – already received 3 budget changes in order to adapt their actual needs – to do it in the best way, bearing in mind the main objectives they are expected to fulfill from now on.


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