Best wishes and happy new year from ALTERENERGY Project staff!

Under the guidance of the Puglia Region – Mediterranean Department (Lead Partner) and the technical support of the ARTI Puglia (Technology and Innovation Regional Agency), along with all partners, the ALTERENERGY Strategic Project is activating an “Adriatic community of renewable energy”. Read more the on ongoing Project results (December 2014).

• 119 events organized with total 11.229 participants and 29 participation to other international events; edited 86 press releases and 527 articles.
• Integrated Energy Management Models: the final deliverables are available in the project website for the benefit of the national and regional/local policy makers and administrators of the whole Adriatic area.
• 60 Communities already selected, 39 Agreements already signed, 14 capacity building reports, 21 Assessment studies, 23 SEAP and 43 feasibility studies already completed. The public procedures for investments are in progress at local level.
• Business and Investment support: WP5 guidelines have been finalized by LB in order to implement the activities foreseen in a strategic way, amplifying the business results in the Adriatic Area in the period 2015. The planned  activities are ongoing at local level and an International Adriatic Convention has been organized in November 2014.