Training activities for local SMEs, 4 seminars in Puglia Region

Training activities for the benefit of local SMEs operating in the Adriatic area are started in Puglia Region, within the Strategic project ALTERENERGY. With the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari, there will be organized a cycle of 4 seminars to support trade and investment. Aim: to improve the capacity of the SMEs to access and exploit the opportunities related to the new energy and energy efficiency markets and thus increase their competitiveness.

The first workshop held in Bari on the 26th February with the following theme: “The research in the field of new renewable energy”. Speakers: Giuseppe Bratta, representing the Apulian Production District “The New Energy “; Fedora Anzivino  on behalf of “The National District on Technological Energy”  and Giacobbe Braccio – ENEA. The focus of the next seminars will examine incentives and funding for renewable energy technologies, international markets and energy building.

This activity aims to create co-operation and joint business opportunities for the SMEs of the IPA Adriatic area. For this purpose, specific B2B meetings will be organized: the first BtoB session in Belgrade (Serbia) planned on the 22-23 April 2015 during the RENEXPO Fair and the second session in Bari (Puglia Region). Outputs: effective knowledge of the internationalisation potential of IPA SMEs operating in the sector of energy efficiency and renewable energy production; actual business matching among economic operators; business follow up, support and facilitation; enhancement of private and public investments in the fields of RES and RUE.


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