The strategic role of Smart Cities, High Level Round Table discussion in Bruxelles

During the High Level Round Table discussion “The strategic role of Smart Cities for tackling energy challenges”, held in Bruxelles in February 2015, the European Commission's aim was to listen to practical experience on the implementation of initiatives to create Smart Cities. The debate was divided in 3 sessions: energy efficiency in buildings, transport solutions and electro-mobility, and the role of Covenant of Mayors.

In particular, at the first and second sessions, all participants shared their experiences in carrying out energy efficiency projects at city level and on integrating e-mobility into urban policies, speaking about how to plan renovation programmes, how to make sure that infrastructure and grid capacity is in place to meet demand and how they believe the EU can help.

In closing, the focus of the third session was the Covenant of Mayors and their role in smart cities and in making the Paris COP21 a success: "European cities have a key role to play in moving towards an Energy Union and realising the energy and climate objectives for 2030 that were set by the European Council last October. European cities are already taking the lead in this ambitious trajectory thanks to successful initiatives, in particular the Covenant of Mayors and the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership. Cities' contribution to COP21 in Paris next year can also make a real difference”.