ALTERENERGY project, a geothermal heat pump for the kindergarten “Grdelin” in Buzet

The Region of Istria, with the expert assistance of the Istrian Regional Energy Agency IRENA, has started the works on the implementation of a geothermal heat pump for the kindergarten “Grdelin” in the town of Buzet, one of the two target communities identified within the project Alterenergy.

The first phase of works includes building of a test concrete water tank on which measurements and testing will be conducted to determine it’s parameters for geothermal thermal response. On the basis of the gathered data the Region of Istria will sign a contract for the design of the whole water tank field which will be connected to the geothermal heat pump in order to satisfy the heating needs of the kindergarten “Grdelin”.
The construction of the first tank is foreseen in 25 days and the testing will be conducted in the next 30 days in order to get the most accurate data. Upon completing the project, the kindergarten “Grdelin” in Buzet will be heated by Earths energy which will replace the existing heat system based on light distillate oil, while the children and their parents will understand better the possibilities and advantages of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.