Opportunities for the Emilia Romagna enterprises in the Adriatic-Ionian area

Ferrara - April 1st, 2015 - In the conference room of the Chamber of Commerce, the workshop "The energy in the Balkans" was held, organized by the Emilia – Romagna Region within the strategic project ALTERENERG and in preparation for participation in the meetings of B2B by sector enterprises in the RENEXPO Fair (Belgrade, 22-23th April).

After a meeting between the experts, representatives of the regions and the chamber of commerce, began the introductory speeches by Andrea Benini, Council member of the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara; Tiziano Tagliani, president of the province and the mayor of Ferrara and Enrico Cocchi Director General of the Territorial Planning and Agreements Department of Emilia Romagna Region. All interventions were aimed at highlighting the importance for Italian companies, and particularly those in Emilia-Romagna, to invest in new markets such as the Balkans, on how to access these new opportunities with the help of the institutions and the support of the Chambers of Commerce in the process of internationalization of companies .
On this aspect Federico Rubini, Director Balkan area - office in Belgrade Roncucci & Partners Ltd, shared his experience as a consultant for companies that want to invest and open their markets in the Balkans, stressing that Serbia needs, at a time like this, Italian companies and those of other European countries, to grow thanks to imports of their skills and technologies, particularly in the energy sector that needs to be totally renovated. In this regard, Emanuele Ferretti Law Firm and Tax Ferretti, Ippolito & Partners Ltd. instead intervened to suggest investors to target human resources in Serbia able to study the potential of the territory .
Intervened then Gianluca Baldoni of the regional desk for the  internationalization of companies explaining what is doing in the Balkan region, starting from the collaboration with ICE and with the Government to promote moments of meeting, as the fair RENEXPO, to research marketing planning to study what are the places where it is cheaper to invest. The region also has allocated 13 million euro for the internationalization of companies and offers small and medium-sized enterprises economic incentives and advisory services.
Closed the interventions Silvia Grandi, Head of the European and International Relations Office of the Emilia - Romagna Region who described Alterenergy project and its importance to raise awareness, at the national level, on the issues of energy conservation. She also provided logistical information on Fair RENEXPO and how to be a great opportunity for Italian companies to network and get support in their internationalization process in the Balkans.

RENEXPO® WESTERN BALKANS be held in Belgrade on days 22 to 23 April 2015 at Belexpocentar . The Fair RENEXPO, besides being the most important event on renewable in Serbia, is also the largest platform of energy throughout the Western Balkans region and is the most important meeting point for investors, public and local authorities  as well as business leaders from the fields of renewable energy.

The project ALTERENERGY provides support actions for companies in the energy sector, like this workshop, together also a catalogue of the Adriatic- iconic companies, as well as a web area dedicated to provide the necessary elements to companies for participation in international tenders and support legislation on investment. The project aims to define a common strategy in the territorial field of renewable energy and energy conservation that helps to face a challenge to climate change by seeking a balance between the objectives of environmental protection , competitiveness and security of energy supply in the Adriatic area. Project partners are the eight regions of the Adriatic and the countries of the Western Balkans.

References: General Direction Territorial Planning and Agreements, International and European Relations.
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