Come and find out how to be more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint!

Ever wondered what you can do to reduce your energy bills? Are you keen to make a difference in the fight against climate change? Learn how you can save money and help the planet by becoming energy efficient at the Energy Union and Climate Action open day on 9 May 2015 in Brussels (European Commission, Berlaymont building, Schuman).

Energy Union has been the buzz word of 2015. You may have read about it, but what will it involve, will it really help keep the lights on, and what will it mean for you? Come to the open day and ask us any questions you may have about the future of Europe's energy supply.
The 9 May is the perfect opportunity to discover how to make smart energy choices when buying appliances with the help of European energy labels, and to learn how to rethink your energy habits to save you money. Did you know that by using energy efficient products in your home, you could save €465 a year by 2020?

More information: take part in quiz, try out "climate and energy" bikes, and tour "smart and energy efficient" house!