Energy sustainability and theatre: on line the ALTERENERGY manual for schools

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      A laboratory show based on Homer’s “The Odyssey” and a user manual for teachers and artists in order to repeat a singular educational-theatrical experience in the schools of the Adriatic area: "OdisseAlternativa" encompasses a variety of awareness raising and information activities on the issues of sustainable energy, ranging from the puppet technique to the comedy of art, even to the creative reuse of daily and easy consumption materials.

The idea was born in Puglia Region, from the Mediterranean Department, ALTERENERGY lead partner, as part of the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 and with the coordination of the Office of Children's Theater “Teatro Pubblico Pugliese”.

A lot of project steps were taken by the Theatre Company “Il Carro dei Comici” of Molfetta (Ba): first a workshop in favour of a group of adult actors from 5 project areas, to transfer skills and competencies needed to implement the activities; then narrative practice and play workshops, art of recycling, costume packaging and scene construction workshops, involving students from primary schools. And finally public shows with the dissemination of laboratory results through the transfer of the best practices to entire communities, in accordance with the European strategy "20-20-20".

Everything happened in 5 regions of the ALTERENERGY partnership: first in Puglia Region with the involvement of 68 children of the Primary School of the Comprehensive Institute of Sant'Agata di Puglia (FG) – the municipality was selected to develop replicable models for the sustainable management of energy resources. Then in 8 Albanian municipalities (Tërbuf, Sulzotaj, Cerme and Siperme, Cerme Proshk, Kakariq, Tale, Ura and Muratit, Fushe Kuqe), 3 municipalities in Slovenia (Brda, Divača and Miren-Kostanjevica), and in Campobasso and Polverara municipalityies (in Molise Region and Veneto Region).

In Puglia Region, in particular, the theatrical-educational path ended with the show "OdisseAlternativa" on 11th December 2014, at the Municipal Theatre of Sant'Agata di Puglia. On 21st May, 2015 at the multiscreen "Showville" of Bari, then, the replication of the same theatrical show is followed to amplify the countless benefits of the ALTERENERGY experimentation within the region. There were two outputs of the initiative on the spot: the participation in the audience of more than 500 spectators between pupils and teachers of primary schools and the distribution of the educational-theatrical manual "OdisseAlternativa" to teachers, to give the opportunity to repeat the experience and therefore set up new laboratories in other schools.

The document is available online HERE!