Alterenergy in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region: workshop and roundtables

July 30th 2015: a workshop on Alterenergy sustainable energy planning activities was held in Udine in order to present and discuss the result of project activities addressed to the small communities. Overall six small communities received six energy balances sheets, three Sustainable Energy Action Plans and  six feasibility studies. The  municipalities of  Forni di Sopra,  Cavazzo Carnico, Verzegnis, Amaro, Fagagna  and  Palmanov are the final project beneficiaries.

The discussion that took place during the workshop between the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region - Alterenergy partner - representatives of the communities and the technical assistance concerned future energy targets by 2020, the role of white certificates and of regional ESCOs  in assisting the  municipalities. For several communities of the mountain area it is paramount to RES increase to support the deployment of woody biomass supply chains and long terms biomass supply contracts  that source local forest biomass.
Some municipalities highlighted that some biomass plants fed by palm oil shouldn’t be considered in the overall RES share for sustainability concerns.
The feasibility studies concerned mainly the development of micro scale hydro power plants.
Some communities will be discussing, as a result of the SEAP and the advancement towards the 20/20/20 energy targets, whether they will join the EU backed Covenant of Majors initiatives.
As a result of the workshop several proposals to the FVG Region on energy issues  were presented  and they have been sent to the Regional energy governor, Mrs Sara Vito.
In the afternoon  two  roundtables were organized with the aim to present and discuss the results of the studies on energy shared investment models and energy purchase group, in the context of Alterenergy activities addressed to SMEs, investors and other local energy actors. Few municipalities beneficiaries of Alterenergy joined the meetings as their territories were being potentially tested to implement some shared investment models. In fact local councils  can have a crucial impacts on launching a “cooperative energy models”, where shareholders can be represented not only by official investors like banks but also citizens, municipalities, commercial and industrial organizations.
The roundtables were attended by the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Alterenergy technical assistance,  Cosint  (Consorzio per lo Sviluppo Industriale di Tolmezzo), Consorzio per la Zona Industriale Ponte Rosso, Comune di Verzegnis and members of the Conca Tolmezzina board.