Renewable Energy Mediterranean 2016, conference and exhibition in Ravenna

Renewable Energy Mediterranean 2016 will be held on 9/10 March 2016 in Ravenna (Italy) and it will discuss the general framework for CO2 emissions reduction, presenting the emerging technology solutions to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible use of energy.

From one side to respond to the general public concern and worries on this critical issue, national and international Authorities are introducing directives, regulatory tools and fixing targets (40-70 % CO2 reduction by 2050 and 100% by year 2100) in order to avoid reaching a non turning point in the climate change.

On the other side the energy industry is ready to bring its contribution, by resorting to its technological capabilities and passion for innovation that has always characterized the O&G community as stated in a joint letter addressed to the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) by the six European Oil&Gas Majors (BG, BP, eni, Shell, Statoil, Total).

Promoting technologies for CO2 utilization through its conversion into useful end-use products, for CO2 storage and for enhancing energy efficiency in the overall industrial chain are some of the actions the industry is already taking to ensure a greener use of energy.