The ALTERENERGY Strategic Project at UN Climate Change Conference in Paris

The ALTERENERGY Strategic Project at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris (1- 6 December 2015): the project partner Abruzzo Region will take part at the international event to promote the role of local communities in the policies of adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

The participation of Abruzzo Region in COP21 is part of a wider program that has been developed through the years by the Regional Administration to spread the culture of energy saving, renewable and climate change with the involvement of all municipalities of the territory.

The pillars of the strategy are:
- the development of renewable and environmental friendly energies through the issuing of  call for tenders for the installation of renewable energy production sites;
­- the adoption of best technologies for energy saving and efficiency both for the public services and at private consumers and lowering of costs for the supply of energy;
­- the inclusion of energy and climate change measures as a priority in the economic development strategy of the region;
­- awareness raising of public attention to a more responsible use of energy and climate change measures;
­- the capitalization of  the results achieved by the Energy Department under the EU Programme IPA Adriatic, through the ALTERENERGY project, promoting the integration of strategies for the promotion and development of renewable energy, energy saving and climate change measures in small communities with other national and transnational initiatives.

With the participation in Paris, also invited by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Abruzzo Region will be the protagonist of series of events in which high representatives and experts will take part. In particular, Abruzzo will organize two thematic workshop in the field of FEDARENE events (European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment): Dissemination Events Alterenergy project: “Education and Training experiences as one of the pillars of climate change objectives” and “Concrete experiences in tackling climate change challenges, sustainability and renewable energy sources”.

In addition, Abruzzo Region with MATTM, has organized the event at the EU Pavillon titled “Partnering with non-state actors for climate change adaptation: which potential in different world regions” and it also has been invited to attend the official side event “Resilient Cities, Sustainable Urban Development and Human Settlement Initiative”. Moreover, the region will join  the General Assembly and FEDARENE Board of Directors, as well the workshop “How local action could contribute to Climate challenges through innovation and equity” and “Climate Summit for Local Leaders”.

The regional delegation will be lead by the Undersecretary of Regional Council with delegation on Environment, Mario Mazzocca, and the Head of Energy Department, Iris Flacco.

The participation at the Conference in Paris follows the approval of Guidelines for the realization of the Regional Plan of Adaptation on Climate Change (PACC). The Plan represents a tool of extraordinary importance that aims to provide a knowledge of the local area from the point of view of its vulnerability related to climate change and projections for coming decades, highlighting the risks and opportunities of resilience. Through it, the regional Government will be able to forecast and identify possible adaption measures to climate change for the territory, defining a framework climate used by local administration as a baseline scenario for the construction on their own adaptation strategies.