Best wishes and happy new year from ALTERENERGY Project staff!

From the Adriatic area, the ALTERENERGY project partnership looks towards capitalization actions within EU Territorial Cooperation 2014/2020. Numbers of ALTERENERGY Strategic Project up to 2015: 4 Technical deliverables, 17 Capacity building reports, 43 Energy assessment studies, 38 Sustainable Energy Action Plans, 59 Feasibility studies and Financial Plans, 30 testing interventions in 19 municipalities.

ALTERENERGY, funded within the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, has been launched in 2012 and from then on, a virtuous circle has been activated to promote sustainability in 63 selected small Adriatic communities with less than 10.000 inhabitants. The ALTERENERGY partners have implemented immaterial investments combining social, cultural, tourism, educational, commercial and technological aspects. Additionally, starting from feasibility studies realized with the project funds in all communities, material investments in the RES and RUE sector are been realized. Specifically, 2 pilot infrastructural interventions in Puglia and Albania, 6 demonstrative actions in Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Greece, and an additional investment in Slovenia concerning sustainable transport in 5 pilot municipalities are been finalized, becoming models with a high replicability potential in the total Adriatic area.
Awareness raising activities on the issues of renewable energy and energy saving for citizens, didactic theatre and environmental paths for stimulating young students, workshops of skills transfer for actors, training opportunities and territorial promotion for the involved target communities, capacity-building activities for public administrations responsible for the local energy policies and economic operators have been carried out. Furthermore, Business and investments support among Adriatic SMEs to enhance actual trade and investment opportunities in the specific market of RES&RUE solutions are being implemented, too.
ALTERENERGY ambition is to activate an “Adriatic community of renewable energy”, a prestigious international network promoting sustainable energy, relying on a common knowledge and a common methodology to create replicable models, to support substantial investments and internationalization initiatives, to strengthen the awareness of citizens, and thus to contribute to the EU "20-20-20" strategy.