Danish municipality promotes particular investment of energy in houses

The authorities of the Danish municipality of Fredereikshavn want to encourage the investment of particulars in the energy renovation of their dwellings. For this, they have conceived an action plan with a set of measures.

Local Banks have confirmed that citizens have never had such large savings on their accounts as they have today, due to the uncertainty of the economic system. The rise of the danish savings seems to be a side effect of the global financial crisis: citizens spend less money because they feel insecure about the future. The immobilized savings stay somehow ‘sleepig’ on Danish bank accounts.
Not only the energy refurbishment of housing has proved to have several benefits for the citizens and local economy;this long-term goal would enable Frederikshavn to become the first fossil-fuel free municipality in Denmark.
Some of the measures of the action plan include establishing partnership agreements between the municipality and local banks. The agreements will set up soft loan schemes for energy renovation of private housing. The objective is to create competition between the banks so they will educe the interest rated of the loans for energy renovation.
The action plan also considers the creation of a network of independent Energy advisors (Better Home Consultants) which will provide home owners with technical assitance.
Energy advisors have compiled the benefits of energy renovation in the ‘Home energy report’. The financial advisors of the par