Abruzzo Region: actions of energy saving in Pratola Peligna municipality

The activities of the administration of Pratola Peligna municipality aimed at reducing energy consumption keep going. The go-ahead has been given to the realization of a program to improve consumptions in the public structures of the sports complex of Peligno. The initiative is part of the activities foreseen in the Memorandum of Understanding between Abruzzo Region and Pratola Peligna municipality which joined the IPA Adriatic Alterenergy project.

The works for the realization of the study for the energy saving in the public buildings of the Pratola Peligna sports complex have been already subcontracted to a society of Sulmona and shortly should lead to understanding the sustainability of the intervention’s costs to improve the energy saving.

In Pratola Peligna, it is not the first time that the Alterenergy project is put into practice within the territory of the municipality itself. Just few times ago, Peligno was identified as a reference point for the whole province of L’Aquila as regards as the activities carried on in the field of environmental sustainability, energy saving and renewables. A peculiarity that granted an award to the municipal administration.