ALTERENERGY Project is part of the “IPA Adriatic CBC Programme - Bank of results”

The ALTERENERGY Strategic Project, together with all the 76 projects funded by the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013, is now part of the “Bank of results”, a special e-library produced by the AdriaWealth Project (financed under the Targeted Call on EUSAIR). This e-tool will be officially presented on the 18th of November 2016 in L’Aquila (Abruzzo Region).

The presentation of the Bank of results will be during the final meeting of the AdriaWealth Project that will take place at the Music Conservatory “Alfredo Casella” (Francesco Savini street), starting at h. 16.30.

AdriaWealth - Clustering and Capitalization project for the Sustainable Tourism in the Adriatic area, in particular, is a project which capitalizes on the results of previous projects financed by the IPA Adriatic Programme, with the purpose to facilitate the achievement of the European Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian Macro-Region (EUSAIR) action plan for the Sustainable Tourism sector.


h. 16.30 : Greetings of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, of Puglia Region, and of the Managing Authority of IPA CBC Adriatic Programme, Ms. Paola Di Salvatore.

h. 16.45 : The 5 Capitalized Projects: AdriaCold, RoofofRock, MedPaths, Archeo.S., ArtVision.
- Video Projection of “AW previous projects video”
- brief intervention of one representative of each of the 5 previous projects

h. 17.15 : Presentation of other Projects financed by IPA CBC Adriatic Programme

h. 17.45 : AdriaWealth project main results
- Video projection AdriaWealth Video” – GeoZs
- brief intervention of one representative of each of the 7 partners AdriaWealth

h. 18.30 : AdriaWealth Web Portal and Bank of Results : Luciano Rutigliano (Editorial Board), Fabiola Meo (Bank of Results) and Ileana Inglese (Web Portal Contents)

h. 19.00 : Conclusions – Ms. Paola Di Salvatore, MA IPA CBC Adriatic Programme

h. 19.30 : Refreshment

h. 20.30 : Capitalization Activity : “Fondazione Primo Riccitelli” in concert with “Suggestioni: evocando Maria”.