The ALTERENERGY experience in Sant’Agata di Puglia municipality on Rai news

The Rai television news speak about the ALTERENERGY experience in Sant’Agata di Puglia municipality by pictures and interviews to Bernardo Notarangelo (International Policies Coordinator – Puglia Region), Claudio Polignano (Project Responsible for Puglia Region) and Luigi Russo (Mayor of Sant’Agata di Puglia municipality).

In Puglia region, in particular, the project activities have focused on the energy-related renovations of buildings and sustainable mobility solutions, favoring the conservation and the enhancement of the historic and architectural heritage of the territory. Two schools were subject of interventions (the primary school ‘’Papa Giovanni XXIII’’, the secondary school ‘’Antonio Salandra’’ and the vocational secondary school IPSIA – Pacinotti’’), along with the building of the former hotel ‘’La Cisterna’’, a building recognised by the Superintendency of Fine Arts and Landscaping. The implementation of extraordinary maintenance works on these buildings has allowed the improvement of the comforts, energy consumption and safety through targeted energy efficiency actions.

Concurrently with the economic savings, after the completion of the restoration works, the preiously abandoned historic building “La Cisterna” can even provide the possibility for quality tourism and employment opportunities, thanks to a new hospitality management formula to be developed in the near future. The reduction of CO2 emissions and air pollution was also aided by the replacement of a diesel bus with an electric one, purchased for public transport, which is soon going to have a very positive impact at local level.

Watch now the ALTERENERGY tv service here:
ALTERENERGY project – RAI service 21/06/2017_preview
ALTERENERGY project – RAI service 22/06/2017