Veneto Region: public notice for municipalities and conference in Legnaro

Alterenergy, through Veneto Agricoltura, meets the small target communities potentially target of the project interventions. The 18th of April the public presentation of the call, for the selection of a local target community, has been realized in Legnaro (Veneto region) in order to increase interest and present the objectives and the main activities to be implemented in the finally selected one.


During the event Mr. Santacroce, manager at Bio-energy sector of Veneto Agricoltura, has explained  the new challenges that sustainable development claim for. Also Santacroce highlighted that being  involved in this EU funded initiatives represents an opportunity to increase awareness on the use of appropriate technologies and to promote a sustainable use of energy.

Mr. Caldarola, staff support at Regione Puglia – Lead Beneficiary of the project, stressed  the importance of being part of “Alternergy”strategic project: “this is an important opportunity to be involved in a network of small communities of the Adriatic area committed with  the promotion of sustainable energy management”. Also the presentation of Mr. Mazzetto, who works at the environment sector of Padova municipality, explained the importance to adopt sustainable management of energy in public procurements.

Finally Mr. Agostinetto, project manager at Veneto Agricoltura, illustrated the project public notice focusing on the opportunity it offers: the selected municipality will receive a direct support from a group of energy experts in order to carryi on a participatory energetic balance, following the methodology defined by the “Covenant of Mayor”. Also feasibility studies will be realized, in order to promote a better use of the energy throughout the selected community.

Some representatives of the regional small communities attended the meeting and revealed a great interest in the opportunity to be selected for the participation  in “Alterenergy”, intended as a first step to stimulate a broaden reflection for a sustainable management of the energy resources at local level.

The participants got the message that  being a member of “Alterenergy” means being  involved in a new community of small municipalities of the Adriatic areas, all working with the same objective: improve a sustainable management of our energetic resources, a real challenge in line with the increasing competitiveness at European and international level.