Istria County

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The Istrian County was established by the Law on the Territory of Counties, Towns, and Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia as one of 20 Croatian counties. In accordance with regulations of the Law on Local and Regional Self-Government (the official bulletin of the Republic of Croatia "Narodne novine" no. 33/01, 60/01, and 106/03), the county is a unit of regional self-government whose territory represents a natural, historical, traffic, economy, social, and self-governing unit, and it is established for reasons of performing works of regional interest, governed by the president and two vice-presidents.

Currently, there are 15 departments which are located in different cities in Istria in accordance with the principle of decentralization. In its self-governing domain, the Istrian County performs tasks of regional significance, especially work related to: spatial planning, infrastructure, protection and improvement of natural environment, health, provides conditions for development of childcare, social welfare, culture, sports, coordinates development and network of educational, cultural, health, social, communal, and other institutions, encourages feasible economic development, especially the development of tourism, agriculture, and other branches of economy that do not damage and pollute the environment.

Administratively, the Istrian County is divided in 41 territorial units of local self-government - 10 towns and 31 municipalities.

The towns are: Buje-Buie, Buzet, Labin, Novigrad-Cittanova, Pazin, Poreč, Pula, Rovinj-Rovigno, Umag-Umago, and Vodnjan

The municipalities are: Bale, Barban, Brtonigla-Verteneglio, Cerovlje, Fažana, Funtana, Gračišće, Grožnjan-Grisignana, Kanfanar, Karojba, Kaštelir - Labinci, Kršan, Lanišće, Ližnjan, Lupoglav, Marčana, Medulin, Motovun, Oprtalj-Portole, Pićan, Raša, Sveti Lovreč, Sveta Nedelja, Sveti Petar u šumi, Svetvinčenat, Tar-Vabriga, Tinjan, Višnjan, Vižinada, Vrsar, and Žminj

The Istrian County and the Assembly of the Istrian County are based in Pazin.

The Government of the Istrian County is based in Pula.