Molise Region

Contact person: Massimo Pillarella
via Genova, 11 – 86100 Campobasso
tel. +39 0874.314728 - fax. +39 0874.437345
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The  Department ERDF Coordination and Management of Molise Region has the overall objective to manage and coordinate alla the European structural s funds both integrated funds and national and regional ones.

The department activities aim to implement policies to encourage the harmonious and sustainable growth of the region. In fact through the use of ROP is possible to access to the entire EU, state and regional financial instruments.

The Department has been also committed with the management of several interregional, transnational and cross border cooperation projects, acting as Partner or Lead Partner.

Furthermore, since 2011, the department is in charge for the Presidency of the Italian Committee in the framework of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme.

The Department has also carried out several projects within the Interreg III A Adriatic Cross Border Programme, the Interreg III B CADSES Program and the Interreg III B ArchiMed Programme.

Furthermore, all officers working into the Mediterranean Department have gained a long time experience in managing EU funded Projects and Programmes. The Department already has a well trained staff, used to manage complex projects.

The department also attempts to introduce innovation factors in the framework of production processes with the use of sustainable technologies in order to be ready to achieve the objectives of the New Programming Period 2014/2020.