Abruzzo Region

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Iris Flacco
tel. +39 085 767 2524
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Diana Melfi
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Website: www.regione.abruzzo.it

The Abruzzo Region is a political and administrative authority. Its role is planning of activities at legislative and administrative level dealing with issues including health, culture, social affairs, education, energy, environment and public works. The Abruzzo Region aims to strengthen its eco-sustainable and balanced development, by putting together a homogeneous policy, looking at the recent evolution of the region and to the increasing pressure produced by the economic development and human activities. At regional level have been laid down the foundations for an energy policy based on the development of clean renewable sources: wind, photovoltaic, solar, biomass, hydrogen. The Abruzzo Region population amounts to 1.34M. The territory includes 36% of Protected Areas: n. 3 National Parks, n. 1 Regional Park, 14 National Environment Reserves and 17 Regional Environment Reserves.

Collaborations of ABRUZZO REGION /ARAEN in the field of energy:
OCSE Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
RENAEL : Italian association on Energy Agency
FEDARENE: European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies (Position in the Board of Administration :Vicepresident)
H2 IT : Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
HYRAMP: European Regions and Municipalities Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
AER : Assembly of European Regions

The Abruzzo Region joins in many EU co-funded projects in the framework of :

  • Interreg IIIA – Renewable energy and forest management;
  • Interreg IIIC - Network of pioneering communities and regions working on innovative heat energy solutions;
  • Intelligent Energy Europe – Integrated promotion of the biodiesel chain;
  • IEE project  - Promotion of biogas and its market development through local and regional partnerships;
  • Interreg IVC -Exchanging best practice on sustainable energy policies Interreg IVC -Exchanging best practice on sustainable energy policies:
  • IPA ADRIATIC- the project aims to define a set of strategies and methods, common to the countries overlooking the Adriatic Sea, valuable for the development of off-shore wind farms through the predisposition of specific guide lines

Moreover, the Abruzzo Region join the Covenant of Mayors, voluntary initiative, launched in January 2008 by the European Commission.  The European cities that have chosen to join undertook to prepare a Plan of Action to reduce their emissions of CO2 by 20 % by 2020, through policies and local projects that increase the use of renewable energy sources.
Abruzzo joins the Covenant of Mayors together with all 305 municipalities; all the provinces and the region itself are supporting structures for the promotion, support and development of the production of energy from renewable sources, energy saving and sustainable mobility, in line with the policy objectives of the European Commission..
Our Region strategy to the implementation of the CoM has been the utilization of the resources provided in the ROP of ERDF 'axis II Energy for the activities of the Covenant of Mayors that amounts to € 35,239,821. (+ 300.000 regional funds to the immediate start up of the action). Almost all 700 the intervention foreseen by the Seap have been realized focusing on a priority basis the energy efficiency measures on schools.
The major activities of Abruzzo Region in the context of the Covenant of Mayors has been recognized as European BEST PRACTICE with prestigious awards, at national and international level. In addition to the positive results collected at the European level on the accession of Abruzzo Region to the joint governance of the Covenant of Mayors, were found appreciation in a global forum such as the Conferences of the Parties held in Durban (COP17) and Doha (COP18), also as a member of FEDARENE and AER.
The Regione Abruzzo promotes also Energy issues in schools by Energiochi contest (Energames). The contest ENERGIOCHI is financed by the Abruzzo Region and carried on in collaboration with Education Ministry, Regional School Office and L’Aquila University (Training Sciences Faculty). It targets the Abruzzo Region schools. The objective, since 2005, is to promote the knowledge of energy saving criteria, renewable energy sources, and to raise awareness on the importance that everyday behaviours have on the environment, as well as to foster sustainable consumption oriented behaviours. The children involved were asked to describe the most important topics of our planet thorough different works which were divided into contest, (poetry, music, painting, short films..). More that 10.000 students (from 3 up to 18 years old) are involved every year. All the works are evaluated by the Official Energiochi Commission and more that 1300 are the students awarded each year. On 2011 Energiochi has been nominated in the learning section of the Sustenergy Award.