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International Workshop ‘’The ALTERENERGY model for local communities’’ (Bari, Fiera del Levante, 16th September 2016) X Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Bari, ARTI Puglia, 15th September 2016) Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Bari, Mediateca Regionale, 11th November 2015) ALTERENERGY final conference in Veneto Region (Legnaro, 30 October 2015) Study visit of Montenegro delegation (Primorska, 14 October 2015) Theatre events in Slovenia (Miren Kostanjevica, Šempeter Vrtojba - October 2015) Workshop on energy planning (Udine, 30 July 2015) Theatre events in Slovenia (Nova Gorica, Miren Kostanjevica, Pivka, Šempeter Vrtojba - June 2015) Tutoring service for Apulian SMEs: one-to-one meetings (Bari, Fiera del Levante, 15-16 September 2015) Study visits at SMEs in Puglia region (Bari and Taranto provinces, 26 June 2015) Business to Business meetings & Internationalization Forum (Bari, Fiera del Levante, 25/26 June 2015) ALTERENERGY training days for technicians in Puglia Region (Bari, Apulian Audiovisual library, 21-22-27-28th May and 10th June 2015) The award ceremony of regional contest for student "Energiochi" - 10th edition (Pescara, 27-29/05/2015) Albanian Ministers visit in the elementary schools in Lushnje Region (Grabian, Crème-Siperme, Cerme Proshk, 24th May 2015) "OdisseAlternativa": 2° didactic theatre performance in Puglia Region (Bari, Showville, 21st May 2015) Workshop “Opportunities for SME’s within RES and EE field at national and international level” (Ajdovščina, 21 May 2015) Awareness raising - Albania Energy Efficiency (Balldre - Elementary school s "Urra e Muratit/Kakariq/Marlecaj" 18-19 May 2015) Awareness raising actions in Emilia Romagna Region (Forlimpopoli, Villafranca, Porotto, Ferrara, Forlì - May 2015) Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Ioannina, Grand Serai Congress and Span Hotel , 4-5th May 2015) “RENEXPO® Western Balkans” Fair – BtoB (Beograd, BelExpocentar, 22-23 April 2015) ALTERENERGY capacity building activities for citizens in Sant’Agata di Puglia (Sant’Agata di Puglia, Municipal Theatre, 17th April 2015) Workshop "The energy in the Balkans" (Ferrara, Chamber of Commerce - conference room, 1st April 2015) Regular Monthly Meeting of the Municipal Council “Muniicpality of Čajniče” (Čajniče, 31 March 2015) Regular Monthly Meeting of the Municipal Council “Muniicpality of Bosanski Petrovac” (Bosanski Petrovac, 30 March 2015) Workshop “Geothermal Energy” (Ioannina, 10 March 2015) Awareness raising activity in Albanian schools (Terbuf, February-March 2015) Inauguration of reconstruction of elementary school in Tale – Albania (February 2015) WP5 – Training activities for Apulian SMEs (Bari, Chamber of Commerce, 26th February 2015) Energy Eefficiency and first steps of Primorska municipalities toward sustainable transport (Nova Gorica, 13th February 2015) WP5 – 2°round table in Puglia (Bari, Chamber of Commerce, 13th February 2015) The Group of Energy Purchase - G.A.S. and the development prospects for citizens and enterprises (San Paolo di Jesi - Maiolati Sipontini , 29-30 January 2015) VII Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Rovinj, Hotel Lone, 16-17th December 2014) Final theatre event “OdisseAlternativa” (Polverara, 13 December 2014) Final Meeting for the presentation of ALTERENERGY Feasibility Study of municipality of Agnone (Agnone, 13 December 2014) Press conference: presentation of ALTERENERGY Feasibility Study (Campobasso, 12 December 2014) Second workshop on WP4 activities concerning analysis of Energy assessments and plans for selected municipalities (Bela Palanka, 3 December 2014) International Adriatic Convention in Albania (Tirana, Tirana International hotel, 24-25th November 2014) Workshop “Strategic Project ALTERENERGY- Smart generation communities: connecting ideas” (Rimini, Ecomondo International Fair, 5th November 2014) Alterenergy project stand at “Ecomondo International Fair” (Rimini, Fair Space, 5-8th November 2014) Memorandum of Understanding Puglia Region - Sant’Agata di Puglia municipality (Bari, Mediterranean Department, 24th October 2014) Energy fair (Belgrade, 14-16 October 2014) WP5 round table in Puglia (Bari, Chamber of Commerce, 10th October 2014) SMART ENERGY EXPO 2014 (Verona, 8-10 October 2014) Nextwork - European Project Forum (Castellaneta Marina, 2-4 October 2014) Installation of renewable energy systems and energy reconstruction of family houses in the region of Gorski Kotar (Delnice, 1st October 2014) Training theatre activity for students (Sant'agata di Puglia, September-October 2014) Alterenergy Project and Locsee Project joint event (Bari, Palace hotel, 9th September 2014) First workshop on WP4 activities concerning energy management, balances and production (Belgrade, 5 September 2014) VI Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Nova Gorica, Hotel Perla, 9-11th July 2014) 2014 EUROPEAN ENERGY WEEK - SEAP Presentation (Offida Municipality, 27-28 June 2014) 2014 EUROPEAN ENERGY WEEK “Energy planning: Italian regions and local communities together to exchange good practices and ideas” and workshop (Udine, 27 June 2014) 2014 European Energy Week - Forum “The energy sustainability in the small Adriatic communities: the pilot project for Sant’Agata di Puglia” (Sant'Agata di Puglia, Imperial Castle, 26th June 2014) Awareness raising activities in Slovenian schools (Miren, Divača, Šempeter - June 2014) Experiences of Croatian Partners in the Implementation of ALTERENERGY project (Rijeka, 28 May 2014) Workshop “Meeting of Local Energy Agencies” (Portorož, 22 May 2014) Theatre and ALTERENERGY Energy Sources - Odyssey a Little Bit Differently: final show (Campobasso, 13 May 2014) Workshop “Adheresion of Šempeter-Vrtojba Municipality to Convenant of mayors initiative” (Pivka, 9 May 2014) Workshop "City Vrgorac – Sustainable Energy Action Plan: Presentation of results" (Vrgorac, 10 April 2014) - Info day: Sustainable energy development (Igoumenitsa, 10 April 2014) Awareness raising - Interventions for reassess the energetic consumption of offices and houses (Polverara, 10 April 2014) Presentation of the project Alterenergy at the regional workshop (Bale, 7 April 2014) Awareness raising - Saving Energy at home and in the office (Polverara, 3 April 2014) Awareness raising actions - Capacity building actions (Brisighella-Castrocaro Terme-Terra del Sole, 25-26 March 2014) The ALTERENERGY Project at the 111^ edition of Fieragricola (Verona, Expo Center, 6/9th February 2014) Energy Sector Transformations and the Emerging Opportunities for Local Renewable Energy SMEs (Rijeka, City Hall, 6th February 2014) V Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Udine, Casa della Contadinanza – 4/5th February 2014) International Conference (Bari, Palace Hotel, 12th December 2013) Workshop of skills transfer “OdisseAlternativa” (Molfetta, Teatro del Carro, 9-15 December 2013) ALTERENERGY at the traditional fair of the “Hen of Polverara” in Veneto Region (Polverara, Centro ricreativo e Nuovo Palazzetto dello Sport, 30th November – 15th December 2013) Project events and workshops in Slovenia (Brda, Divača, Šmartno – November 2013/January 2014) Awareness action in Emilia Romagna Region (Castrocaro Terme - Terra del Sole, 7 November 2013) Project events and workshops in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Bled – September 2013/October 2013) Signing the Agreement of understanding with the Buzet and Novigrad Communities (Bale, Kaštel Bembo 23rd September 2013) Green Development in South East Europe – Challenge of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption (Fojnica, 28-30th August 2013) IV Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Tirana, Hotel Mondial - 16/17th July 2013) European Green Week 2013, satellite event (Bruxelles, Apulia Region office, 12th June 2013) Training course "Renewable energies" (Pescara, Chamber of Commerce - Conference room, 5-6th June 2013) Workshop on renewable energy development – Taiex (Tirana, Hotel Doro City, 3-4th June 2013) The first workshop for the municipalities shortlisted under the public call for small communities with population up to 10.000 inhabitants (Udine, Pasolini room, 30th May 2013) Initiating dialogue on Renewable Energy Development and Energy Efficiency at local level in Albania (Divjake, Grabian, Saranda, Shenengjin, Tale Lezhe, May-October 2013) National conference “Models of multi-level governance and cooperation with local actors” (Pescara, G. d’Annunzio room/Ex- Aurum, 7th May 2013) Public Conference in Veneto (Legnaro/Padua Province, Corte Benedettina - 18th April 2013) Workshops in Albania (Balldre, Shenkoll, Fushe Kuqe - February/March2013) III Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Bari, Hotel Oriente, 18/19th February, 2013) Info Day addressed to Apulian small municipalities (Bari, Cineporto, 1st February, 2013) Workshops in Golea (Municipality of Miren Kostanjevica, Municipality of Brda - January/February 2013) Alterenergy….and alternative ideas! (Bologna, Padiglione Esprit Nouveau, 22th November, 2012) Workshops in Albania (Terbuf, Lushnje and Lezha, Cerme-Proshk, Grabian, Shenepremte, Cerme e Siperme, Sulzotaj, Tirana - September/December 2012) “Tourism and sustainable energy” (Castelpetroso Isernia Campobasso, sala ex GIL - 29/30th September 2012) II Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting (Bari, Hotel Oriente, 12/13th July, 2012) I Kick-off and Partnership meeting (Bari, Hotel Oriente, 12/13th December, 2011)