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The ALTERENERGY experience in Sant’Agata di Puglia municipality on Rai news2017-06-23 08:38:13
ALTERENERGY Project is part of the “IPA Adriatic CBC Programme - Bank of results”2016-11-10 08:48:48
ALTERENERGY at the ADRIAWEALTH Convention in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region2016-10-19 13:26:33
“The ALTERENERGY experience in the Adriatic area” in a final publication 2016-09-22 05:35:10
Alterenergy Strategic Project, online 2 technical publications by ARTI Puglia2016-09-21 15:36:45
ALTERENERGY story: September 2011/ September 2016. Watch the project final video!2016-09-20 09:52:37
Energy sustainability, Memorandum of understanding among the Adriatic communities2016-09-19 09:40:08
The Apulian Governor Emiliano and the Albanian Minister Gjosha at the ALTERENERGY final event2016-09-17 09:36:20
Final ALTERENERGY Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Bari 2016-09-16 20:50:12
Waiting for the ALTERNERGY final event, watch now the project video teaser!2016-09-14 22:07:00
Save the date: 16/09/2016 - ALTERENERGY International Workshop in Bari2016-09-09 09:50:41
Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards - first edition: how to apply2016-08-25 08:21:00
Greece - Italy 2014-2020: the 1st call for ordinary project proposals is open2016-08-03 09:28:30
ALTERENERGY within “Portraits of remarquable local commitments to sustainable energy” 2016-07-15 10:09:20
Abruzzo Region: actions of energy saving in Pratola Peligna municipality2016-07-08 06:51:42
Innovative and sustainable grid projects awarded “Good Practice of the Year”2016-07-01 08:27:56
6th Edition of the "World Smart City Awards": open call, apply now!2016-06-28 04:37:16
2016 EU Sustainable Energy Week, the EUSEW Policy Conference 2016-06-21 08:20:25
Environment and Climate: 2016 Call for Proposals for LIFE Action Grants2016-06-16 08:26:00
EUSEW winners: CO2-free beer, a Croatian region and a charitable renewable association2016-06-15 08:20:52
2nd Roger Léron Award, for sustainable energy at regional/local level in Europe2016-06-03 07:39:38
Educational process on sustainable development and recycling in Novo Mesto - Slovenia2016-05-31 06:30:43
Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, a catalogue of Benchmarks of Excellence2016-05-23 12:47:59
In Dubrovnik, the first Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region 2016-04-15 15:02:48
Local Climate and Energy Actions: Covenant of Mayors updates its guide on financing opportunities2016-04-04 08:30:42
Energetic sustainability, the ALTERENERGY model in Puglia region: new brochure online2016-03-23 10:36:28
Ipa Adriatic CBC 2007-2013 on-going projects: ALTERENERGY at the meeting in L’Aquila2016-03-22 09:49:51
Alterenergy project, online 2 publications by Friuli Venezia Giulia partner 2016-02-02 09:19:40
World Sustainable Energy Days 2016: programme and registration are available2016-02-01 10:03:27
Danish municipality promotes particular investment of energy in houses2016-01-21 10:31:34
EU energy efficiency rules and the road ahead: public consultation, give your feedback!2016-01-11 10:54:41
Best wishes and happy new year from ALTERENERGY Project staff!2015-12-23 16:50:54
Sustainable Urban Development Projects: the Urban Innovative Actions first call2015-12-21 13:50:32
Energy and climate policy: the European Council Conclusions are online2015-12-19 13:45:55
Assessing the employment and social impact of energy efficiency, a new study 2015-12-18 13:41:25
European Energy Innovation, Magazine and Publication are online2015-12-15 16:19:50
The ALTERENERGY Strategic Project at UN Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015-12-01 11:36:55
Europe’s energy markets: European Commission unveils key energy infrastructure projects 2015-11-23 10:12:21
Climate change and energy innovation: International meeting in Paris2015-11-20 10:08:58
ALTERENERGY: in Bari, the last Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting 2015-11-13 11:37:38
Renewable Energy Mediterranean 2016, conference and exhibition in Ravenna2015-10-29 12:26:17
Opportunities for energy sustainability, ALTERENERGY meeting in Legnaro2015-10-23 09:55:14
Energy statistics, the new European energy pocketbook “Eu energy in figures"2015-10-14 09:14:01
Sustainable energy access, energy efficiency and renewable: G20 Energy Ministers meeting 2015-10-08 06:41:33
Thanks to ALTERENERGY Strategic Project, tutoring service for Apulian SMEs2015-09-18 10:08:22
2014 Losinj "Workshop on Geothermal Energy", a special e-book monograph2015-09-16 13:13:30
Internationalization process, an Italian voucher for supporting SMEs and business networks2015-09-03 11:45:03
KEY ENERGY 2015, in November the sustainable energy world returns to Rimini2015-09-01 09:23:03
Alterenergy in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region: workshop and roundtables 2015-08-26 12:56:02
IPA Adriatic CBC Programme, conference in L’Aquila: clustering process2015-08-20 10:02:15
Offshore Energy 2015: exhibition and conference at Amsterdam, in the Netherlands 2015-07-20 07:43:37
Save the date: “Energy & Infrastructure Investment Conference” in Croatia2015-07-17 09:29:00
Business opportunities for Adriatic Enterprises, online the ALTERENERGY web section2015-07-10 14:19:28
Energy efficiency in the buildings: new instruments and measures in Italy2015-07-10 13:05:01
ALTERENERGY Project, study visits at small and medium enterprises in Puglia region 2015-07-08 10:38:28
Business to Business meetings & Internationalization Forum in Bari, on line press kit and slides2015-07-01 13:16:46
Investments in the energy field: launch of the “ALTERENERGY” production chain2015-06-29 08:53:02
“Energiochi” party, in Pescara city the tenth edition of the “Oscars of Energy”2015-06-26 10:39:19
Investment support: with ALTERENERGY, BtoB meetings and forum for SMEs2015-06-24 07:44:33
ALTERENERGY for local SMEs, technicians and citizens in Puglia Region 2015-06-19 06:25:09
"Business to Business" in Marocco, at the International Fair of Casablanca2015-06-15 11:07:14
Emilia Romagna Region for ALTERENERGY: an interactive quiz-game and a smart video2015-06-09 11:15:50
Energy efficiency of public schools and historic building: 3 public procedures in Puglia Region2015-06-05 10:07:44
Energy and saving efficiency: the tour of ALTERENERGY project in Emilia Romagna schools2015-06-05 08:42:53
ALTERENERGY in Lushnje Region: Albanian Ministers visited the elementary schools2015-06-03 09:57:03
Energy Efficiency 2015: 120 million Euro for sustainability and efficiency2015-06-03 07:38:47
ALTERENERGY Project at the EUSEW 2015, one-day event in Montenegro2015-06-01 09:16:39
Energy sustainability and theatre: on line the ALTERENERGY manual for schools2015-05-27 08:20:44
ALTERENERGY electric bus in Sant’Agata di Puglia: the public procedure is open!2015-05-15 07:46:51
Emilia Romagna: start up of school workshops, experiments and quizzes on sustainability2015-05-14 08:30:16
Workshop on urban regeneration: the SEAP Actions in Emilia Romagna Region2015-05-14 08:27:05
VIII ALTERENERGY Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Greece2015-05-08 09:59:34
RENEXPO Western Balkans 2015: wrap up, statements, photos and film2015-05-07 10:45:26
New infrastructure projects in small Italian municipalities, apply for financing!2015-05-05 12:04:16
ALTERENERGY for technicians in Puglia Region: 5 training days in Bari for capacity building activity 2015-05-05 12:00:09
On line the “ALTERENERGY Small and Medium Enterprises Catalogue” 2015-04-30 07:17:07
ALTERENERGY in Albania: reconstruction of elementary school in Tale, ceremony with Rama2015-04-27 16:10:26
Renewables: business in the Balkans with the European Cooperation2015-04-24 08:57:44
Come and find out how to be more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint!2015-04-23 16:42:01
ALTERENERGY Project at Renexpo Fair: Business to Business meeting in Serbia2015-04-15 07:02:34
Opportunities for the Emilia Romagna enterprises in the Adriatic-Ionian area2015-04-03 11:05:47
CroCTaL project: the ALTERENERGY electric bicycles in Nova Gorica 2015-04-02 06:46:38
Emilia Romagna Region: “The energy in the Balkans”, workshop in Ferrara2015-03-27 07:40:11
MED-DESIRE project, the role of renewable energy in the Mediterranean Region2015-03-24 15:01:50
Energy Savings, a real opportunity for SME’S in Veneto Region2015-03-23 14:55:53
ALTERENERGY project, a geothermal heat pump for the kindergarten “Grdelin” in Buzet 2015-03-16 07:34:56
ALTERENERGY: Veneto Agricoltura partner organized two public events in Castelmassa2015-03-12 15:01:09
The strategic role of Smart Cities, High Level Round Table discussion in Bruxelles2015-03-11 10:48:52
Training activities for local SMEs, 4 seminars in Puglia Region2015-03-03 11:58:05
Primorska municipalities toward sustainable transport, the handover of equipment2015-02-23 09:51:40
ALTERENERGY, capacity building activities in Emilia Romagna Region2015-02-18 12:10:25
ALTERENERGY: from the Adriatic Convention in Albania to the BtoB session in Serbia2015-02-18 10:50:30
Access to the European markets for regional companies, workshop in Venice2015-02-11 10:30:42
EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) in june 2015: save the date! 2015-02-05 14:50:48
Marche Region, start initiatives in San Paolo di Jesi and Santa Maria Nuova municipalities2015-01-26 11:25:40
Horizon 2020: Smart Cities and Communities, call for proposals and brokerage event2015-01-22 10:15:07
Sustainable Urban Mobility: on line new publications and city case studies2015-01-14 13:46:52
2007-13 Interreg energy projects to EU Energy Policy, study on the contribution 2015-01-07 08:00:07
Best wishes and happy new year from ALTERENERGY Project staff!2014-12-22 11:28:10
ALTERENERGY: VII Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Rovinj - Croatia2014-12-17 10:27:56
"OdisseAlternativa": final didactic theatre event in Sant’Agata di Puglia 2014-12-12 11:08:36
South Est Europe: LOCSEE project, final international conference in Rome2014-12-10 12:01:42
Business opportunities in Macedonia and Serbia: focus sessions in Puglia Region2014-12-09 11:33:42
Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, training activities to small communities2014-12-04 11:20:02
International Adriatic Convention in Albania, on line press kit and slides2014-12-01 14:34:29
ALTERENERGY Project, a business opportunity in the Adriatic area2014-12-01 14:34:23
ALTERENERGY, the International Adriatic Convention in Albania2014-11-21 12:41:41
Energy efficiency in the Mediterranean Area, ELIH MED Final Conference in Brussels2014-11-20 08:24:40
Brisbane G20 summit, the global economy on a sustainable growth path2014-11-19 09:38:18
Key Energy infrastructure Projects: Member States voted, 34 actions selected 2014-11-17 17:11:38
ALTERENERGY, from “ECOMONDO 2014” to the Adriatic Convention2014-11-07 08:56:34
ECOMONDO Fair and best practices, small municipalities at the ALTERENERGY workshop2014-11-06 10:57:37
ECOMONDO, the green economy’s Mediterranean platform2014-11-04 11:41:38
Alterenergy at Ecomondo Fair, a project stand and an international workshop2014-10-29 13:08:13
ALTERENERGY: Memorandum of Understanding Puglia Region-Sant’Agata di Puglia2014-10-28 12:23:43
WP5 activities - business and investments support: start up in Puglia Region2014-10-13 08:12:07
OPEN DAYS 2014 and efficient energy policies, conference in Brussels2014-10-07 12:11:22
Innovative financing for energy efficiency and renewables, watch live!2014-10-07 08:39:06
ALTERENERGY at SmartEnergyExpo, 3 meetings organized by Veneto Agricoltura2014-10-06 09:46:42
The Alterenergy Strategic Project at the workshop on geothermal energy in Croatia2014-10-01 09:59:23
ALTERENERGY at the “NEXTWORK - European Project Forum"2014-09-30 15:05:52
"Theatre Energy" for "OdisseAlternativa" show, start up in Sant’Agata di Puglia 2014-09-25 09:16:29
ALTERENERGY Target Communities, on line the new web section 2014-09-24 08:16:52
Alterenergy and LOCSEE projects, networking for the EU low carbon agenda2014-09-11 11:35:07
Energy saving, “ALTERNEREGY” and the opportunities for the SME2014-09-04 12:31:58
EU low carbon agenda: Alterenergy and LOCSEE joint forces2014-08-27 16:33:18
Alterenergy and ConCittadini Awarded the network project "We, the energy of the future"2014-07-29 08:26:00
Alterenergy will participate to a LocSEE event in September 20142014-07-21 08:26:00
Fifteen million euros to make more efficient public buildings by renewable energy2014-07-19 08:26:00
Schools and public buildings’ energy efficiency in the completed feasibility studies of Italia, Slovenia, Albania and Greece2014-07-18 08:26:00
10 April “Day of Sustainable Energy Development in Greece”2014-07-01 08:26:00
Great interest to the Renewable Energy Forum in Sant'Agata di Puglia on the 26/06/2014. The role of the little town in Foggia province in the Strategic Project Alterenergy2014-06-30 08:26:00
The "European Energy Week" meets Alterenergy - Four events on renewable energies in Veneto, Puglia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Marche2014-06-24 08:26:00
Approval of Sustainable Energy Action Plans in Santa Maria Nuova and Offida (Marche Region) in the framework of Alterenergy project2014-06-23 08:26:00
Energy planning: an open discussion between Italian regions and local communities Udine - 27/06/20142014-06-20 08:26:00
POLVERARA (PD), 19th JUNE: ENERGY DAY, “RENEWABLE”2014-06-17 12:26:00
The “Energiochi 9” Contest. Chieti 06 June 20142014-06-03 12:26:00
Alterenergy partner meeting on July in Nova Gorica (Slovenia)2014-05-12 12:26:00
Alterenergy workshop in Castellalto2014-04-30 16:26:00
Smart Cities : a public call for the municipalities of Southern Italy2014-04-22 16:26:00
Alterenergy in the prestigious European platform "Smart Cities2014-04-15 16:26:00
Energy efficiency workshop2014-04-11 16:26:00
April 9th 2014 - 2st Alterenergy Workshop in Celenza sul Trigno: Activities definition. 2014-04-11 16:26:00
ALTERENERGY – Promotional video of workshop "City Vrgorac – Sustainable Energy Action Plan: Presentation of results" 2014-04-10 12:26:00
Investment opportunities and productive integration - The Mediterranean Department of Puglia Region at the First edition of the Italian Week in Albania2014-04-07 12:26:00
Alterenergy: 58 small communities overlooking Adriatic Sea towards energy sustainability2014-04-03 16:26:00
1st Alterenergy workshop in Celenza sul Trigno: project objectives and activities definition.2014-04-02 16:26:00
"Alterenergy promotes Energy issues in schools by ENERGIOCHI”2014-04-02 12:26:00
Emilia Romagna: 25-26 March 2014 - Awareness raising actions in Brisighella and Castrocaro Terme and terra del Sole Communities2014-04-01 16:26:00
Emilia Romagna: 25-26 March 2014 - Capacity building actions in Brisighella and Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole Communities2014-04-01 16:26:00
Veneto: European Energy Meet the Citizens of Polverara2014-03-28 17:26:00
Veneto: two meetings on renewable energy and energy saving models2014-03-10 17:26:30
ALTERENERGY International Conference in Bari, on line TV services and press review2014-03-05 11:10:10
Friuli Venezia Giulia Region: after the partnership meeting, a series of training activities from March 2014-03-04 18:25:14
Abruzzo Region - Strategic Project Alterenergy: the first workshop in Pratola Peligna2014-02-28 18:36:28
Transformation of the energy sector and opportunities for the development, seminar in Rijeka2014-02-19 10:00:39
The ALTERENERGY Project at the 111^ edition of Fieragricola in Verona 2014-02-13 09:03:36
“Electric mobility: an opportunity for a sustainable city”, workshop in Bari2014-02-10 17:44:09
ALTERENERGY, 5° Project Management Board and Steering Committee meeting in Udine2014-01-30 08:32:57
ALTERENERGY: operational meetings with selected communities in Istria County 2014-01-28 12:08:47
ALTERENERGY Project, workshop of skills transfer “OdisseAlternativa”2014-01-20 10:06:21
“Green Growth - a viable option for Europe?”: watch Real Economy!2014-01-10 10:03:35
Strategic Project ALTERENERGY, the public notice of ARTI Puglia for WP42013-12-20 17:11:54
Strategic Project ALTERENERGY: the promotional video on You Tube!2013-12-17 13:43:51
ALTERENERGY International Conference: on line press kit, slides and photo gallery 2013-12-16 13:37:22
From small communities, the new strategies for renewable energies in the Adriatic area2013-12-13 12:09:31
ALTERENERGY: International Conference in Bari, registrations and agenda2013-12-10 11:29:01
“OdisseAlternativa”, two ALTERENERGY workshops in Molfetta2013-12-07 19:01:39
The ALTERENERGY Project at the traditional “Hen Fair” in Polverara2013-12-04 17:32:09
International Conference ALTERENERGY: registrations on line2013-12-03 12:17:49
Think Forward Film Festival, for the development of a sustainable society2013-12-02 17:31:48
Strategic Project Alterenergy - Save the date: International conference in Bari2013-11-26 11:30:00
Thematic Pole “Low carbon communities”, a Stakeholders database2013-11-19 17:09:13
ECOMONDO 2013, the participation of the Strategic Project ALTERENERGY 2013-11-19 12:14:51
ALTERNERGY Project at the 9th International Conference of the OECD2013-11-19 10:53:45
Horizon 2020: Energy Information Day - 2014 and 2015 calls for proposals2013-11-04 09:57:01
Integrated energy management models, on line 6 publications of Alterenergy - Deliverables WP32013-10-21 09:54:01
Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities: Commissioner Hahn's keynote speech2013-10-15 17:02:33
ALTERENERGY Project: identification of the Municipalities in Abruzzo Region2013-09-27 08:56:31
Veneto Agricoltura - Municipality of Polverara, start up of negotiation process2013-09-25 09:48:29
Regions, Culture, Innovation: smart cities and sustainability with “ArtLab 13”2013-09-23 09:10:53
"Geothermal Energy: status and future in the Adriatic region", International Conference in Croatia2013-09-03 11:08:56
Strategic Project ALTERENERGY: identification of the Municipality in Molise Region2013-09-02 10:49:56
Energy sustainability and Theatre, awareness raising and information campaign2013-08-27 16:23:39
Covenant of Major: new financial resources for Municipalities of Emilia Romagna Region2013-08-20 15:23:22
Regulation on the requirements of energetic certifiers, approved in Emilia Romagna Region2013-08-10 08:00:38
IV Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting, the plan future activities2013-07-25 13:03:17
Tenders for thematic studies on energy, demographic change and cultural heritage2013-07-16 06:55:47
Mediterranean Energy Issue: workshop at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (MAIB)2013-07-10 09:05:21
The 2013 Eco-Innovation call for proposals, when business meets the environment2013-07-08 09:03:59
Abruzzo Region, public notice for municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants2013-07-03 13:18:38
IV Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Tirana2013-07-01 10:47:17
Expression of interest notice in Molise Region, open call for small municipalities2013-06-20 09:10:31
Cleaner air and better for Low Carbon Economy regions, Green Week 2013 Satellite event in Brussels2013-06-14 16:37:53
Alterenergy in Molise, public notice for the selection of the municipality 2013-06-12 08:50:35
MED-DESIRE project, good practices to facilitate the take up of solar energy2013-06-10 09:03:13
Shortlist of small communities, the first Alterenergy workshop in Friuli Venezia Giulia 2013-05-27 09:58:27
Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the final shortlist of small communities in the Provinces2013-05-27 09:28:14
Cleaner air and better for Low Carbon Economy regions, idea for 2014-20202013-05-27 08:19:42
Veneto Region: public notice for municipalities and conference in Legnaro2013-05-02 08:37:49
Veneto, expression of interest notice: public conference in Legnaro2013-04-16 10:36:49
Veneto Agricoltura, expression of interest notice - deadline 9th May 20132013-04-12 09:37:28
Low energy consumption: Vauban, a sustainable district model2013-03-27 12:49:20
Puglia, Emilia Romagna and Friuli Venezia Giulia Regions: received applications 2013-03-25 09:17:12
Friuli Venezia Giulia: Alterenergy, public notice for expressions of interest2013-03-13 19:34:23
“ALTERENERGY you too!”, meeting in Minervino di Lecce2013-03-01 10:08:44
Expression of interest notice addressed to municipalities, “FAQ” on line2013-02-25 19:49:21
III Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Bari2013-02-22 11:13:46
Region of Istria, expression of interest for cities and municipalities2013-02-22 10:44:24
On line “Renewable energies and energy saving: scenarios and opportunities”2013-02-21 09:01:38
Emilia Romagna Region: public notice for expressions of interest2013-02-12 17:40:23
Puglia Region looks towards 2020 direction with Alterenergy Project2013-02-02 17:55:20
Energy: Bari, Info day addressed to Apulian small municipalities2013-01-25 11:31:00
Expression of interest notice addressed to Apulian municipalities2013-01-22 10:31:00
World Tourism Day, “Alterenergy” presentation2012-10-15 09:18:35
II Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting in Bari2012-07-10 16:53:03
ALTERENERGY, 1° Kick-off and partnership meeting in Bari2011-12-13 10:47:26