IV Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting, the plan future activities

The fourth Project Management Board and Steering Committee Meeting – Strategic Project ALTERENERGY was held in Tirana, on 16 and 17 July 2013, promoted by Puglia Region - Mediterranean Department in cooperation with ARTI Puglia Regional Agency. The whole partnership was hosted by the Albanian Ministry of Economy Trade and Energy.

During the two days, with the contributions of all partners, a general overview on the state of the project activities was presented: ALTERENERGY Project has been launched in September 2011 and, from then on, a well-defined path was traced among 18 partner organizations, regions, ministries and energy agencies of all the Countries of the Adriatic area.

Most of the partners have already finalized the procedure for the selection of the target communities where implementing pilot initiatives in the energy field. The project, in fact, foresees interventions for the implementation of awareness raising campaigns, energy audits and feasibility studies for each selected target communities, the testing of infrastructure pilot works with a high replicability potential and initiatives to support the internationalization of the Adriatic economic operators of the RES and RUE sectors.

Finally, together with the administrative and financial aspects, the partnership meeting in Tirana was focused on the work plan of the awareness raising and information campaign for citizens, technology experts, public administrators and private sector. In the agenda, the organization of the first International conference to be held in Puglia in autumn 2013, too.

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