The ALTERENERGY Project at the 111^ edition of Fieragricola in Verona

Within the 111^ edition of Fieragricola in Verona, dedicated to mechanics, animal husbandry, renewable energy and services, the ALTERENERGY Strategic Project has been presented by Veneto Agricoltura, illustrating how to improve sustainable energy in small municipalities of the Adriatic area.

This has been the main topic of the event, which gave a short description of the state of the art of the Alterenergy Project who will reach the core phase of project implementation during this year (2014). In the last months the municipality of Polverara (PD), the main local community beneficiary of project activities, is object of several studies and initiatives for gathering information carried in with the aim of elaborating the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). These activities will support the identification, at local level, of further actions needed to lead the community into energy savings practices in accordance with the statement of the Covenant of Mayors, already signed by the City Council.

Finally, Veneto Agricoltura, has presented some capacity building initiatives on the use of renewable energy, and energy savings practices, which will be implemented, during the next springtime, aimed at raising public awareness of citizens, students and administrators from Polverara and surrounding municipalities on the project issues.