Veneto: European Energy Meet the Citizens of Polverara

From tomorrow, 27th of March and for the two following Thursdays 3 and 10 of April 2014, thanks to the project ALTERENERGY,  Polverara citizens could go to “school” of use of alternative sources energy and energy efficiency.
The implementation phase of the ALTERENERGY project - Energy sustainability for Adriatic small communities, the strategic project  funded within the cross-border Cooperation Programme IPA-CBC Adriatic, in which Veneto Agricoltura is involved is going in action.

Tomorrow, 27th of March (and the 3 and 10 of April) Veneto Agricoltura, with the support of technicians from DivisioneEnergia  company, will organize in Polverara, at the “Casa delle Associazioni” (address: 2, Volparo street, time: 8.30 – 10.00 pm) three  meetings for the citizens of the Saccisica area on the following issues:

1. Presentation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) (27th of March): the opportunities of a new energy model for the development of Polverara.

2. Operational steps to realize the energy saving in households and enterprises. (3rd of April): from the reading of the bills to the benefits of credit institutions for actions of energy efficiency in our homes.

3. How to realize an energy rehabilitation of our houses?. (10th of april): what does energy saving means? And which are the concrete opportunities for the “Conto Termico 2014.)? The association of municipalities “ANCI” Veneto will support the initiatives.