Emilia Romagna: 25-26 March 2014 - Awareness raising actions in Brisighella and Castrocaro Terme and terra del Sole Communities

On 25 and 26 March taken place the Municipal Councils of the boys respectively in the municipalities of Castrocaro Terme and terra del Sole  and Brisighella  Municipalities within the initiative and awareness raising campaign  promoted by the Project Alterenergy. The objective of the two initiatives was to trigger a process of co-education, in which the elements of knowledge are primarily linked by the live experience itself, encouraging the development of future citizens aware of their being not only individuals, but also part of the community to which they belong.

Starting from the interventions that will be carried out on the two communities through the project Alterenergy, energy audits and feasibility studies on school buildings, the city councils of the students of the two communities have addressed the issues of energy conservation, the sustainable management of resources, with the 'objective of promoting the idea of school as a good example of environmental sustainability (green school) and, more generally, to promote the sustainable development of the territory.

This first meeting of sensitization wanted to renew the methods of education to environmental sustainability and energy moving from a passive approach to an active ones  learning where the student acts, integrating education projects to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in ordinary activities.
The general objective of the awareness-raising activities promoted by the Emilia Romagna region is to promote a more sustainable lifestyles involving, in addition to the school population, including parents, nearby schools and technical referents of the Municipalities, this in order to "contaminate" the attention to energy consumption and the sustainable and efficient management of resources.