Energy planning: an open discussion between Italian regions and local communities Udine - 27/06/2014

The conference aims at bringing together regional and local energy policy makers  to discuss  best practices on energy planning, sustainable energy action plans and  their energy vision as well as technical issues on energy balance sheets and the methodology adopted.

During the  conference on regional energy planning  policy makers will present regional energy policies and plans, also with regard to meeting the regional binding RES targets set by the Italian Government in order to comply with the national RES target  17% by 2020. The following Italian Regions will attend the conference: Toscana, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia  Giulia, the Provinces of Torino and Trento.
At the conference will be invited also representative of small communities of the Northern Adriatic area including Slovenia, all part  of the Alterenergy project, an IPA Adriatic funded project.  They will discuss in a workshop  the actions undertaken on energy efficiency, RES, local bioenergy supply chains as well as their broad approach to sustainable energy at the local level.
During the conference  the first results of the CEP REC (Central Europe) project will be presented by the Italian partners and the winners of the Environmental Award “SAVE” Sustainable Actions Versus Energy will be presented to the public by the Regional Energy governor.