Approval of Sustainable Energy Action Plans in Santa Maria Nuova and Offida (Marche Region) in the framework of Alterenergy project

Offida (AP) and Santa Maria Nuova (AN), two of the municipalities of Marche Region that adhered to AlterEnergy project and developed the activities foreseen by the project to increase knowledge and awareness of public authorities on the local energy planning, will present the Sustainable Energy Action Plan respectively on 26th and 27th June, in the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2014.

The two municipalities joined AlterEnergy project through the adoption of a Municipal Council act in spring 2013.
Afterwards, they have been supported by SVIM - Sviluppo Marche SpA as in house agency of Marche Region responsible for AlterEnergy project implementation in the regional territory, to collect municipal data on energy consumption and production, to draft the Baseline Emission Inventory and the Sustainable Energy Action Plan.

Offida and Santa Maria Nuova were already members of the Covenant of Mayors and could finalize the activities related to the SEAP drafting thanks to the support provided by SVIM, in the framework of Alterenergy project, for raising awareness and capacity building activities.

Offida will present and approve the SEAP during a municipal council meeting open to the citizens, scheduled on 26th June at 17.30.

Santa Maria Nuova will present the SEAP during a public event organized in the municipal building scheduled on 27th June at 20.30.

Both events are organized in the framework of European Sustainable Energy Week 2014.


Authors: Elena Montironi    
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