Key Energy infrastructure Projects: Member States voted, 34 actions selected

Member States voted in favour of allocating €647 million to key energy infrastructure projects. The money will go to 34 actions selected after a call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). CEF has a €5.85 billion budget for supporting trans-European energy infrastructure until 2020. Following the vote, the European Commission will have to adopt a decision formalising the list of actions co-financed and the maximum amount granted to each of them.

These actions will advance projects from a list of 248 key energy infrastructure projects published in October 2013 under the new guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure. Carrying the label "projects of common interest" (PCI) they benefit from faster and more efficient permit granting procedures and improved regulatory treatment.

A PCI has to have significant benefits for at least two Member States; contribute to market integration and further competition; enhance security of supply, and reduce CO2 emissions. The list of PCIs is updated every two years.

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