ALTERENERGY Project, a business opportunity in the Adriatic area

Less than 90 bilateral meetings, an interesting exchange of good practices coming from the whole Adriatic area, the better awareness of territory and market potential for business opportunities in the sectors of energetic economisation and renewable energy (RES and RUE), are among the results of the International Convention within the Strategic Project ALTERENERGY held in the last days in Albania.

“New passages for the internationalization of enterprices have been officially released with the aim to provide an efficient assistance for the economic system – comments Bernardo Notarangelo, Director of the Mediterranean Department of Apulia Region (lead partner) – Starting with the analyses of PMIs needs and potentials, through the proof given by representative organizations of the enterprices, the partnership ALTERENERGY delineates the grounds in order to create real opportunities and joint business”.

Indeed, the two-day conference in Tirana held by the Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry, in cooperation with the Mediterranean Department of Apulia Region, the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and Internationalization Department of Apulia Region, was usefull for framing the common Adriatic energetic market taking into account the landmarks of the State partners: Italy, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia e Slovenia. As a result, a succession of formative sessions will be attained on a regional level in order to improve the internationalization capacity of small and medium enterprices, as well as the selection of PMIs participating in the 2 BtoBs coming next spring in Apulia and Serbia. So it will be the partnership ALTERENERGY that will lead a hundred of PMIs towards this virtuous process, hoping to mark the beginning of a new epoch of Adriatic cooperation about renewable energy and its efficiency. During the plenary sessions and bilateral table opened in Tirana, different enterprisers of the RES and RUE have been interested in: hydroelectricity, components industry, system and service, manufacturing, transports, construction industry, tourism and many others.

To facilitate the business and investments, the support action prospects a real Adriatic network of small and medium enterprices involved in the RES/RUE sectors.

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