ALTERENERGY, capacity building activities in Emilia Romagna Region

Inform and educate citizens on intervention techniques and best practices to reduce the energy performance of housing is a fundamental action to achieve significant results in the reduction of energy consumption in the residential sector. A concrete example was carried out on 10th February, in Pieve Salutare, part of the Municipality of Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole.

The event was organized within the project Alterenergy in  which Emilia-Romagna region is partner, aimed at promoting the implementation of measures for sustainable energy in small communities, the size more typical in the countries of the Adriatic basin.The awareness of what can be done and a basic knowledge of the possible interventions are an important stimulus to realize individual forms of energy savings that can allow a very good overall result at the municipal or small urban community.

Castrocaro municipality is involved in the project Alterenergy and it has built with the other municipalities of the Union Romagna Forli measures for energy sustainability that will achieve by 2020 through a special plan, the SEAP (Action Plan for the sustainable energy). Also through the project Alterenergy initiated the implementation of actions to redevelop the energy point of view the school campus and public lighting, and implemented a series of information activities and training to increase the capacity of key players in the area (including citizens) to think in terms of "sustainable energy".

Among these activities fall within the meeting last night, which was held in the parish hall of Pieve Salutare (in fact, one of the spaces of the local community) and saw a wide participation.
The project is co-financed by the European program Alterenergy interregional cooperation IPA Adriatic CBC 2007-2013 and involves all countries and regions of the Adriatic basin, to achieve locally and then share international best practices and good local processes of programming and implementation of measures to energy sustainability of small urban communities.