On line the “ALTERENERGY Small and Medium Enterprises Catalogue”

The “ALTERENERGY Small and Medium Enterprises Catalogue” is on line and it presents the profiles of the enterprises sharing ALTERENERGY project path. We edited it with the objective of sharing a comprehensive knowledge of the Adriatic SMEs, for facilitating their access to the new energy and energy efficiency markets, and for increasing their competitiveness, too. Download pdf file!

ALTERENERGY offers internationalization opportunities for small and medium enterprises operating in Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency sectors. Among other project activities, in fact, a specific set of interventions is dedicated to enhance the business environment, the market opportunities, and the investment occasions for enterprises from Italy, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Greece.
These interventions are delivered according to a multi-level approach:  SMEs needs and potentials, along with the existing local and national internationalization tools, have been analyzed at partners’ level in dedicated meetings with business support organizations: Chambers of Commerce, SMEs associations, clusters, and internationalization agencies. They have finally met in Tirana, in November 2014, for the analysis of the market opportunities in the Adriatic area, seen by sector, by business operator typology, and by dedicated opportunities.
The second level of intervention has been activated at SMEs level: some enterprises, in fact, have been involved into a dedicated training aimed to increase their internationalization potential, and about 100 are meeting in Beograd (Serbia) and Bari (Puglia region) for dedicated BtoB meetings.
The ambition is to set up "Adriatic energy business clusters", conveying important benefits in terms of local economy and employment.

About Catalogue
This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. The contents of this document reflect the view of ALTERENERGY PARTNERSHIP and should, under no circumstances, be regarded as reflecting the view of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Program authorities. The Mediterranean Department of Puglia Region has produced the editing and printing of the present document. The entire ALTERENERGY Partnership has provided important contributions, too. Special thanks are due to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bari and to the Internationalization Department of Puglia Region for their support.