Emilia Romagna: start up of school workshops, experiments and quizzes on sustainability

The ALTERENERGY Project enters the schools in Emilia Romagna Region to stimulate on energy issues. From May 11th  throughout the month the project will go into schools to offer students workshops, experiments, quizzes and much more on the subject of energy saving and sustainability.

Two paths workshop different depending on the age groups, two different methods of approach for a single purpose: to involve the younger generation and stimulate their interest on sensitive issues and seemingly distant from them as those concerning energy.

The workshops involve two phases. In the first session, the focus will be on the context and the issues relating to the ALTERENERGY project in the Adriatic area: global climate change, energy consumption and its worldwide distribution. In the second part, all students of Classes IV and V (primary and secondary school - I and II of first level ) will build a working model for renewable energy. They’ll build it manually, as a group, allowing them to concretely deepen some of the theoretical concepts presented in the first phase. The classes I, II and III schools of second degree, however, will be challenged in a role playing game with a specific focus on wind energy. The goal is to develop critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the range of situations and actors related to developments in environmental management. A project then, this ALTERENERGY, offering a critical and active involvement of the students involved.

The schedule of meetings in the schools of Emilia-Romagna that have expressed interest and who fall within the scope of IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013 which funds actions:
May 11th  Forlimpopoli (Fc), primary school Don Milani
May 12th  Villafranca (Fc), secondary school level I "Via Felice Orsini"
13th  and 1th 8 May Forlimpopoli (Fc), primary school De Amicis
May 14th  Porotto (Fe), secondary school level I De Pisis
May 19th  Ferrara, Copernicus ITI-Carpeggiani
May 28th  Forli, ITIS Marconi