Energy efficiency of public schools and historic building: 3 public procedures in Puglia Region

Starting from feasibility studies produced with the ALTERENERGY Project funds, three infrastructural pilot initiatives will be carried out in Sant'Agata di Puglia municipality. The integrated interventions focuse on energy efficiency of 2 public schools and of a municipal historic building to be used for social tourism purposes. The Public negotiated procedure deadline is 15th June 2015.

The infrastructural works, together with sustainable mobility interventions, act for material investments chosen by Puglia Region and Sant'Agata di Puglia municipality to develop replicable models for the sustainable management of energy resources in the RES and RUE sector, within the ALTERENERGY strategic Project.
The benefits will be both direct and indirect: the physical infrastructures that will be realized will contribute to improve the energy and environmental sustainability of the Municipality. In addition the capacity building and awareness raising initiatives targeted to local stakeholder and citizens are going to improve their knowledge in energy and environmental sustainability and their capacity to undertake additional actions in the same filed.