Energy and saving efficiency: the tour of ALTERENERGY project in Emilia Romagna schools

ALTERENERGY project, of which the Emilia Romagna Region is a partner, has brought the issue of energy in schools in May 2015, with the objective to explain how to produce energy from alternative and sustainable sources and how to put in act energy saving actions in all daily life.

7 days to 8 different classes, three primary schools, two secondary schools of first level 2 secondary level, 168 students and 22 hours of activities. They were two laboratory paths according to different age groups, two different methods of approach for a single main purpose: to involve the younger generation and deepen their awareness on issues related to energy and more innovative ways of producing and saving. Always have been two phases in which they articulated each morning activities.

The first focused on the definition of the context and the issues relating to the project ALTERENERGY and themes that have been occupied in the Adriatic area: the promotion of energy efficiency and energy production from renewable sources. The second part of pupils in classes of elementary and middle schools were compared with the building of working models of alternative sources of energy production (photovoltaic, hydroelectric power and wind turbine) while those in high school were involved in a game role with focus on energy. The goal was to develop critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the range of situations and actors linked to the energy dynamics through active involvement and critical of the students involved.

The path has achieved significantly both pupils who have shown particular participation and, in most times, have expressed the desire to repeat and extend the experience, both teachers, aside from the extreme availability, they have expressed their intention to replicate parts of the laboratories in the next school year with new classes.

Thanks to the laboratory, consisting of kit that turns web tools to more tangible, scalability and replicability of the experience is also guaranteed over the term of the project ALTERENERGY.
The schedule of meetings in the schools of Emilia - Romagna:
11th May - Forlimpopoli (Fc), primary school Don Milani.
12th May - Villafranca (Fc), secondary school level I " Via Felice Orsini ".
13th and 18th May - Forlimpopoli (Fc), primary school De Amicis.
14th May - Porotto (Fe), secondary school level I De Pisis.
19th May - Ferrara, Copernico ITI – Carpeggiani.
28th May - Forli, ITIS Marconi.