Emilia Romagna Region for ALTERENERGY: an interactive quiz-game and a smart video

Within the ALTERENERGY awareness raising and information activities on the issues of sustainable energy, the Emilia Romagna Region (project partner) has created an interactive game for children and teenagers and a smart video in Italian language.

From creative workshops to the experiments on energy transformations, from the paths of discovery of renewable resources to the exploration of energetic phenomena through play. The Emilia Romagna Region for awareness and information campaign of Emilia Romagna schools has created an interactive game as a way to introduce the world of energy through the languages of science. The educational courses are specially designed for different age groups, to discover the world of energy, of primary and secondary sources, the resources of the plant world, energy conservation and the daily rules to acquire healthy lifestyles.
It is an interactive quiz to identify the daily habits of young people on energy and the environment, to understand and help them understand how and when energy wastage can be avoided, and the simple daily habits can become virtuous. Following each question is followed by a fast deepening theme full of tips and useful data.
Main targets of the operation are the school children: were identified two routes depending on the different ages that contain questions partly different from each other (6-13 years old and over 13).
Output of the path is the energy profile of each respondent downloadable in pdf format and shared on Facebook and Twitter profiles.
The advocacy of the Emilia Romagna involved 8 different classes, three primary schools, two secondary schools of First Instance, 2 secondary level, 168 students and 22 hours of laboratory.
Among the activities, it was also made a video in motion graphics to introduce and explain to the kids the objectives and outputs of the project Alterenergy dynamically adapted to different age of groups.

Click HERE the PROJECT QUIZ-GAME and play!