Investment support: with ALTERENERGY, BtoB meetings and forum for SMEs

“Business to Business meetings & Internationalization Forum” for small and medium Adriatic enterprises - engaged in energy saving and renewable energy sectors - is in Bari, Puglia region, at the Fiera del Levante (Unioncamere stand n.150), on the 25-26 June 2015. The event is part of the “business and investment support activities” of the ALTERENERGY Strategic Project, funded by IPA Adriatic Cross-border Programme for 2007-2013 and led by the Mediterranean Department of Puglia Region.

The two days meeting, co-organized with the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and the Internationalization Department of Puglia Region, gathers the SMEs of 8 Project Countries: Italy (Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Molise, Puglia, Veneto Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.

The small and medium enterprises, involved by the ALTERENERGY partnership, meet again for investment opportunities, collaborations and technology transfer in the Adriatic area. In the last spring, in fact, during the “RENEXPO® Western Balkans” Fair, about 300 Business to Business meetings held in Belgrado (Serbia) with the involvement of 60 SMEs. Now, Bari city in Puglia Region becomes the most important Adriatic event on renewables for enterprises, investors, decision makers and business leaders from renewable energy sectors.

Tangible economic and employment benefits represent the natural result of an agenda full of appointments. First of all, new joint business bilateral tables between enterprises and investors and two focus sessions. In particular, the “Innovation and Technological transfer” session (25 June, h. 10.00-13.00), with a practical and concrete approach to show to the participating SMES the immediately transferable applications of the latest innovations in the RES & RUE sectors, the results of experiences triggered by research centers, the development of technologies applicable by small enterprises. Institutional Welcomes: Mr Alessandro Ambrosi, President of Chamber of Commerce of Bari (Italy), Mr Bernardo Notarangelo, Director of Mediterranean Department - Puglia Region (Italy), Mrs Giovanna Genchi, Director of Internationalization Department - Puglia Region (Italy). Introduction and presentation of 2 days meeting follow by Mr Claudio Polignano – ALTERENERGY Responsible - Mediterranean Department of Puglia Region. Chairman: Mr Mario Citelli, Senior Innovation expert for Enterprise Europe Network - Unioncamere Puglia.

The second focus session “Financial tools and Internationalization Markets” (26 June, h. 9.30-13.30), instead, intends to show the Financial tools for improving the internationalization process of SMEs in RES & RUE sectors. Opening by Mrs Angela Partipilo, General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and Mr Andrea Nuzzi, Head of Corporate Finance and Financial Advisory - Banca Popolare di Bari. Chairman: Theresa Mulloy, Coordinator of SPRINT Puglia – Regional Service for the Enterprises’ Internationalization – Puglia Region.

Furthermore, Informest Consulting Srl (the company in charge for the business scouting project activities) provides a face to face service at the Business and Financial Opportunities Desk informing the companies about specific business and financial opportunities in RES & RUE sectors. In the afternoon of 26 June, the Mediterranean and the Internationalization Departments of Puglia Region, together with the Chamber of Commerce of Bari, offer Study Visits to selected Apulian companies, too.

The profiles of the enterprises sharing ALTERENERGY project path are collected in the "ALTERENERGY Small and Medium Enterprises Catalogue". The publication is available on, together with the “Business opportunities for SMES” section that gathers specialized information about investment opportunities and internationalization funding sources in the project partner countries.

With 12.5 Million Euro total budget, the Strategic Project ALTERENERGY aims to contribute to the European Union’s objectives on climate and energy “20-20-20” through the promotion of sustainable energy in small Adriatic municipalities, improving their capacity to plan and manage integrated actions of energy saving and the production of energy from renewable sources.