“Energiochi” party, in Pescara city the tenth edition of the “Oscars of Energy”

Abruzzo Region celebrated the “Energiochi party”, the tenth edition of the “Oscars of Energy”. On May  27th, in Pescara city, 2.500 pupils were welcomed to the sports hall. This year more than  17.000 students (from elementary to high school) joined the contest that represents one of the many "green" projects in the region.

Mayors of the towns of the schools awarded welcomed the students and their teachers . Governor Luciano D'Alfonso together with the Councillor Mario Mazzocca kicked off the ceremony of schools, classes and students. A great success of participation also reflects the good level of the proposals from the “future”, that is to say from young people who will be the citizens of tomorrow.
MAny partners  and friends from Europe and Italy joined the ceremony by skype:
-    Cyprus Primary School Agios Andreas Nicosia
-    Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Office, City of Zagreb, Croatia
-    Hungary Northern Great-Great Plain Regional Energy Agency
-    Brussels office of the Covenant of Mayors European Commission
-    Mr Xavier Prat Monne Belgium. Director General for Education and culture of the European Commission
-    Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio President Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts
-    Alfonso Cauteruccio Greenaccord - Environmental Journalists Association
-    Gerda and Otto Welkamp Kelderman the province Flevoland in the Netherlands, along with their students
-    Claudio Polignano - Coordinator of the Project IPA Alternergy.
This year Energiochi took place also in Spain, where the award ceremony has been held in Avila on May the 28th as announced by Ignacio Burgos Vice provincial government and  responsible for the Energy Agency Apea . Also Krapina county (Croatia) joined Energochi contest , and award ceremony was held the same time of Pescara attended by Jasna Petek, Deputy County Prefect in Krapia and Julie Domac Director of the North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency and President of Fedarene. The students could watch the Croatian ceremony by TV screen. At the end of the ceremony all pupils, teachers, mayors and regional authorities joined a big parade in Pescara along Ponte sul Mare.
“In the occasion of the tenth edition - reported Iris Flacco - the final event of Energiochi will continue in the afternoon with a full program that will not only entertain the citizenship, but also spread awareness on the aims of the EU projects  Powered and Alterenergy reaching  younger target groups”.
The project Alterenergy shares with Energiochi the part related to teaching: thanks to it, in fact, it was possible to provide  the students taking part in the tenth edition of Energiochi with individual lectures and workshops both at school and at renewable energy facilities in Abruzzo Region.
The project Powered, in fact, among other objectives, aims to strengthen the capacity of sustainable development in the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region through an agreed strategy between the countries that are part of it which are  starting  to build integrated strategies , implementing administrative simplified procedures and shared scenarios of energy self-sufficiency with a focus on wind energy production.
The Competition Energiochi, for its educational value, has become part of the European program COVENANT OF MAYORS, being an essential awareness initiative  for the achievement of the development of renewable energy sources and energy conservation, that each municipality in Abruzzo has pledged to achieve by 2020.


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