Ipa Adriatic CBC 2007-2013 on-going projects: ALTERENERGY at the meeting in L’Aquila

Together with all lead and final beneficiaries of Ipa Adriatic CBC Program 2007-2013 on-going projects, Puglia Region has participated at the meeting in L’Aquila promoted by Managing Authority, to present the current state of art of ongoing Strategic Project ALTERENERGY.

Claudio Polignano, Alterenergy responsible for Puglia Region (lead partner), presented the latest project indicators, outcomes, results and financial targets, also in view of the ALTERENERGY contribution to the realization of EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) in 2016.

The project partners, starting from feasibility studies realized with the project funds, have not only initiated immaterial investments in the RES and RUE sector combining social, cultural, tourism, educational, commercial and technological aspects, but also material investments (technological innovations such as sustainable mobility interventions, infrastructural works in public schools or historic buildings, efficient heating, etc.). In particular, the latest actions are precisely focused on the realization of 2 pilot interventions and 7 demonstrative actions in 6 Countries, becoming a model with a high replicability potential in the total Adriatic area. Within this work-package, totally 19 municipalities have been involved for an overall value of 30 interventions realized.