Innovative and sustainable grid projects awarded “Good Practice of the Year”

Three innovative projects that help advance the grid integration of renewable energy have received the “Good Practice of the Year” award from the Renewables Grid Initiative. The winners, announced at the Energy Infrastructure Forum in Copenhagen, are: Early Involvement of Landowners by, the Virtual Power Plant Next Pool developed by Next Kraftwerke GmbH and Minimise Cable Impact on Marine Ecosystems by Terna.

The 'Early Involvement of Landowners' practice is a communication project with landowners affected by a 150 kV cable planned in Jutland, Denmark to integrate more wind power. Under the project, landowners  gave their input for a cable route before any authority approval procedures took place. It found that early feedback from landowners reduced errors and setbacks due to public and landowner protests.

The 'Virtual Power Plant Next Pool' is a smart system designed to manage the fluctuations in power production from renewable energy. It is a virtual power plant that combines the flexibility of power producers and consumers in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Poland using cloud-computing technology and decentralised power producers.

The 'Minimise Cable Impact on Marine Ecosystems' is a practice for installing marine cables which minimises their environmental impact, in particular on the rare Posidonia Oceanica – a type of seagrass found off the shores of Sicily and Malta. The subsea cable project helps transfer surplus electricity from Sicily to Malta improving the integration of renewables in the Maltese system.

The “Good Practice of the Year” is awarded annually to the most original and successful grid practices. More information HERE!