Alterenergy Strategic Project, online 2 technical publications by ARTI Puglia

The Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation - ARTI Puglia, as scientific support for the Alterenergy Strategic Project activities, has completed two new publications: the “D4.5 – Energy Sustainability Planning Recommendation and Guidelines” and the “D6.5 – Guidelines for Sustainable Energy Management in the Adriatic Area”.

The first Report provides a comprehensive description and evaluation of experiences and activities implemented in the 63 ALTERENERGY target communities concerning: 1)planning and development of integrated local sustainable energy policies within Covenant of Mayors initiative; 2) promotion and development of capacity building in energy sustainability. A structured questionnaire was submitted to all of them and the obtained data and information were elaborated accordingly, providing the conclusions outlined in this report. The document especially reports achieved results and main impact of actions developed, along with problems and obstacles faced and/or solved and lessons learnt.
The second Report  – Guidelines for Sustainable Energy Management in Adriatic area – summarizes the results of the assessment process of the infrastructural investments realized by the IPA – Adriatic Project Alterenergy. The analysis considers aspects such as the level of acceptance by citizens and economic stakeholders, the impact on the energy balance and local landscape, the potential for replication in different urban contexts in the Adriatic area, amongst other things. The Report explains also the integrated model followed and the chosen solutions, highlighting both good practices to follow and errors to avoid.
Both documents have been produced with the financial assistance of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.